The Mulcair Solution: Fence-Sitting as Political Suicide….

Quebec NDP MP Sana Hassainia defects over Mideast position

By Susana Mas, CBC News Posted: Aug 20, 2014 1:48 PM ET Last Updated: Aug 20, 2014 7:16 PM ET




Sad to say, the NDP has always waffled on this issue, and it’s one of many reasons I refuse to join the party or do any more volunteer work for campaigns…I will, also unfortunately, have to keep voting for them as there is no progressive alternative around…if the Greens ever cease kowtowing to the Tories, I might have to go there.May is the only ones with the guts to take a principled stand on the Israel-Palestine issue….

The fact that Mulcair has decided to take cheap shots at Hassainia’s  ‘attendance’  or comment that they tried to ‘accommodate’ her by allowing her to breastfeed in a private office is  so pathetic that I can’t think of anything that isn’t too vulgar to compare it with.

I can’t help but wish that she had  breastfed right from her seat in the house, that would have stirred things up! Suffice to say, I am disappointed (as usual) with the NDP, but sadly, not too surprised…

I’m guessing they are in panic mode because they have foolishly sat back and watched as Junior Trudeau went out and pressed the flesh, his gleaming smile and spit curls on the forehead charming the average disgruntled Tory voter (read: ex-Libs) and stealing all the thunder  garnered by the NDP in Quebec..

Mulcair is great in the House, no denying it; but  the average voter could care less…he is allowing the Cons and Libs to take the fight to him, instead of being out there  meeting the public, at least once in a while…and  this latest defection will help not at all…

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Making a Molehill out of a Mountain….

Mount Polley mine tailings pond breach followed years of government warnings

Imperial Metals issued with latest warning in May due to height of wastewater in tailings pond

By Jenni Sheppard, CBC News Posted: Aug 05, 2014 9:50 PM PT Last Updated: Aug 06, 2014 6:20 AM PT


Our government should be at least partially  held to account for this disaster, since ‘warning’ their pals and probably, political donors, is not terribly effective…and now we have this to deal with..
This is the same bunch who think that a pipeline is a great idea..if they can’t even control one mining company, how could they even fantasize about the sort of emergency inherent in pipeline/oil tanker traffic on our coast? Are you kidding me? Watch all the bobbing and weaving that will now occur regarding this tailings release into our will be played down by the company, and the government? Will do squat..

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The Sins of The Fathers….

Scotland, Gaza, and the Shameful Silence of So Many Canadians

 Montreal Simon Blog  Friday August 1st



I share Simon’s horror at the silence….and I wonder if this is what it felt like for Jews during the critical times of WW2 when they were desperately seeking refuge in other countries, and Canada, to its eternal shame, turned its back on them, as did many other countries..or ignored heir plight altogether.

This current insanity  is brought to us by those who, only recently,went  through he same horror themselves. How quickly  history is forgotten, even personal history,  and now, every Holocaust museum, every fundraiser for Israel here in the West, ever retelling of  Hitler’s genocide, will ring hollow….Israel has  self-immolated on the altar of bigotry, paranoia and self-interest..I can ‘t stand to look at media anymore regarding is too devastating..

Listening to a recording of Obama, that supposed paragon of progressive views, that  man of the people who may not be from the American South, but who certainly knows what this sort of madness is about from the collective experience of all US people of colour, was heard last night intoning in his  monotonous way “…and Hamas must immediately release that Israeli soldier…” yet mentioned nothing about  those murdered Palestinian children…the whole world has seemingly gone mad…..

Yet again, I ponder that terribly valid old saying, that those  who learn nothing from history are condemned to repeat it (endlessly….)


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Telling It Like It Is……

When I served, the Israeli military was the most moral in the world. No more

Once there was widespread Israeli outrage over the bombing of homes in Gaza. Now there is just indifference

  • I have been waiting along time to read something like this..and of course, comments were closed by the time I found it..still, absolutely worth reading.
  • Here is a woman who could, with a certain moral force,  speak the opposite of what we read here, and  be supported in that stance.
  • This  opinion, this blog, will surely cost her, but she  obviously felt that she had to speak..and I am so grateful for her  words.  Anyone reading this who can still justify what is happening, the  genocide  that Israel is practicing on civilians, on children,  in Palestine must be insane..or as, she says of the Israeli population, indifferent.
  • All my Jewish relatives and acquaintances are always horrified when I equate  the situation with Nazi Germany, with the apartheid  decades in South Africa…Could they read these words and still believe the  lies that Israel, along with the right wing governments who support  that country(Canada and The US, talking to you) keep  telling us via the media?
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Corporate Bullies, Then and Now……


Big box bullies: Discount pricing squeezes small suppliers: Dianne Buckner

Selling to big chains like Target, Wal-Mart a mixed blessing when they demand a discount

By Dianne Buckner, CBC News Posted: Jul 25, 2014 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Jul 25, 2014 5:00 AM ET

Nothing new here, folks…you can move on…

As a child, I  was  handed over to my father on weekends, like many others.  One of the things that sometimes happened was that, on the way to his  home, we would stop in at small machine shops that did contract work with the big aerospace companies where my father  worked as a quality control engineer…I actually enjoyed being fussed over by all the  men, sat on a high stool and fed cookies while my father  spoke with  the manager or inspected small shiny silver parts of machines that  of course I had no knowledge of..

As I got older, my father told me about how many of those  small shops got  what he called ‘bushwhacked’ by companies like S**rs,  that would contract them for vast amounts of goods, to the point that they were working exclusively for the large  store, only to get told that they had to deep discount, or else…many of them, with no other contracts  and entirely reliant on  the big store with the big contract, went under…Others were forced to  lay off  workers who had been with them for many years.

And so it father’s point was that when I  asked why he refused to shop at S**rs, was that their ruthless behaviour  resulted in the loss of employment for many  talented tradesmen, and that made him mad…he pointed out that ‘house’ brands  of various  companies were in fact made by small contractors, and that the  resulting discount demands meant that  not only was there a loss of jobs in the US,  but that  the products, now built overseas, were no longer worthy of the good reputation for dependability they once had…all this happened back in the 60’s….

And now?  Nothing changes, does it?

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Should We Pillory Hillary?

Hillary Clinton must reject the stigma that abortion should be legal but ‘rare’

Agreeing with anti-choice activists on even that single word hurts women and the cause of reproductive rights


Although this article  is referring to our  neighbors to the South and the possible next Prez,  and although Canada has, comparatively,  broader rights than  many or most in the US, thought I would chime in since this is a question that often simmers just below the surface of right wing politics here, always threatening to rear  its ugly head, and send  women back to the Stone Age regarding rights over our my stance may surprise many…

Have to respectfully disagree with the author..I too am pro-choice, and the word ‘rare’ should’s why…aside from  the obvious interpretation, in a land of almost 400 million, the word ‘rare’ could be described as relative…
If abortion became the preferred means of birth control, instead of the alternatives (and a truly ‘safe’ birth-control pill does not yet exist) then men would, once again, be exempt from any sense of, or need for, responsibility – and women who have multiple abortions, out of stupidity or laziness, would have the perfect excuse to continue.
Yes I am pro choice, but I am also pro-education and pro-research money being devoted to the concept of safe birth control being found…right now, that consists of condoms and abstension, neither of which is particularly popular with men or women…Like many broadly philosophical questions of this sort, it is a difficult legal quagmire to  consider, and like it or not, most of our legislators are men, and women who are heavily influenced  by men.

To truly think for yourself is oxy-moronic in the  Team philosophy of modern politics, and it is a rare leader  who allows a free vote on any question, especially one fraught with emotional drop offs like  abortion. Can any leader of any ‘free’ nation say the ‘right’ thing to the largest number of potential voters?

Those of us without religious  hindrances can say ‘yes’ to that question, which means that  rights must be freely given with no conditions, and that would be fabulous  except for two  things…who pays, and how many times? For it is, by  far, the poorest of us who  have unwanted pregnancies,  and then the question becomes an economic one  as well….

I am not  a huge Hillary fan, I find her too right-wing by far to  be supported as a Democratic candidate, but in this case, she must in all conscience support not only women’s rights but  appease those of the citizenry who would deny women any rights at all, including the right to bear, or not, children…after all, in any democracy, the  successful candidate  must take into consideration the will of all the people, not simply her rabid supporters (sarcasm intended)…what happens after an election is successfully realized is another story altogether, as we all painfully must admit….

Poor Hillary, caught between her own often outraged sense of entitlement and the more practical needs of a potential presidential run….


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Desperation and Distraction, but a Little Satisfaction?

Two things have me momentarily distracted these days, and both are all about the lack of traction that the Cons are getting from attacking both Junior and the NDP..vis a vis the ‘scandal’ that never was re their supposed illegal Parliamentary postal charge avoidance..what happened with that?
Sadly (IMHO) the NDP are falling in the polls, yes, but I think that redemption may be at hand, at least in the form of continuing to be the Loyal Opposition after Junior’s team get elected..yes, I fear the writing is on the wall, I honestly don’t think that Mulcair will be our next PM because the concept of strategic voting seems ingrained now, among those who will do anything to un-elect the Cons…..
Whatever the outcome, it will be fabulous to see those ConJobs tossed on their respective rears.
Then again, last night I saw a tape of Rob (the Slob) Ford walking around glad-handing supporters, women with children in their arms acting as if he were some sort of Hollywood celeb, posing for pictures, selfies etc…I find that shocking beyond belief but it shows they are still out there, and probably willing to vote, too, so who knows, truly, if Harper will lose? Most of us cannot conceive of anything worse than another era of Cons, but unless and until people are truly willing to get out and vote, not just, whine, snivel, satirize and make sure that they have the cool jeans for the season, but get off their collective asses and be the change they say they want to see…all this is for squat. Anew slogan might just be – never mind the selfies, how about a little self-respect? The pundits always go on and on about how  seniors are keeping the Cons in power, which I think is  ridiculous, I’m a senior and all I know practically are seniors and none of them would ever vote for those ain’t about who does vote for who, it’s about who doesn’t vote at all…and they are the ones who really piss me off.

Nope I will absolutely not stop going on and on about this…at least not until after the next Federal election, when I hope I am  going to be congratulating and thanking the populace for performing what should be, again IMHO. a mandatory duty to vote. Although I agree in principle that our system needs a huge change to make democracy valid (something along the lines of Scandinavian socialism would be a good start) the problem is that capitalism trumps democracy every time, if voters aren’t willing to do the absolute minimum ever few years…and we all know  deep down inside that we can never change it with a rightwing whack job in power….

So let’s all do the right thing, instead of the rightwing thing, and get  out the vote, and vote ourselves….it’s kinda like vacuuming, nobody wants to drag the damn thing out of the closet and  unwind the stupid cord and hump it around the house…but everybody eventually gets tired of living in their self-produced dirt..benign neglect is no excuse.  Let’s all be sure, come the next  election , to groan, stand up and shuffle off to the polling booth and do what little we can to preserve what little we have left….while we still can.

And try to remember that Harper tried to gut Elections Canada to prevent them from advertising re getting out and voting..they know that the fewer people who vote, the longer they stay in power…


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