Morphing Tragedy into Terror: the Harper Agenda

Canada won’t be cowed by terrorism, or by a draconian response to its threat

The Ottawa shooting requires a measured reaction. We won’t let this society be divided into ‘us and them’

You that never done nothin’
But build to destroy
You play with my world
Like it’s your little toy
You put a gun in my hand
And you hide from my eyes
And you turn and run farther
When the fast bullets fly.

-from “Masters of War”   by Bob Dylan


I found Harper’s speech after the Ottawa incident revolting, not to mention the fact that it was plagiarizing Bush’s 911 speech to a great extent..
No matter all the international chatter, this was not jihad come to Ottawa, this was the lunatic action of a troubled man who had obviously sent out lots of signals that he was prepared to do something suicidal..since so many Canadian politicians, after the fact, are stating that they were ‘briefed’ that something would happen…that something, in my mind, was a reaction to Canada granting Malala honourary citizenship status, as they had for Mandela and the Dalai Lama..
Harper expropriated the rhetoric of other war mongers and seemed to almost preen with satisfaction at the events, since he thinks they bolster his fear-mongering, which in turn plays to his fewer and fewer supporters…
This was not Canada’s 911, but it was an example of what can happen in any country that agrees to aid and abet the Western mythologizing of war as a valid response to their corporate supporters’ fears.  And sadly, a young man had to die….and three more in Quebec…never mind the so-called terrorists, don’t let Harper win.

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Harper’s Zipper: Stuck Again


Conservatives’ copyright law changes could backfire

Does the government really want to trigger a debate over the use of political attack ads?

By Kady O’Malley, CBC News Posted: Oct 14, 2014 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Oct 14, 2014 8:12 AM ET

The Cons haven’t had much success so far in trashing  Junior Trudeau…well, not too surprising, but then they are guilty of the same sort of  overstatement, so hard for the pot to call the kettle..and what they’ve focused on seems odd in the extreme..if their new  regulation vis a vis the  press and what is and isn’t used from  reportage goes through (and I can’t see the Supremes allowing it to…) I’m a bit confused as to how it would work in the Con’s favour…

Don’t forget that Junior Trudeau’s political predecessor won all our begrudging hearts by keeping Canada out of Iraq..and Trudeau is right…we shouldn’t be there, it isn’t our fight, and get real,   Cons, this all hearkens back to the Russians trying unsuccessfully for decades to control  Afghanistan through the same routine, only to leave in despair..and what replaced them? A heavily fundamentalist regime..nothing to see here folks…we may not like it, but these countries really need to fight their own battles, and even the rationale of blood for oil is invalid these days with the fuel surplus dropping prices in the West…

I am not a big fan of Trudeau, but have to say I actually enjoyed the line about ‘whipping out the C-18s’…not only is he creating an indelible image of rightwing whackjob old men gracelessly whingeing about who has the biggest or the best…he is speaking in the  language of real people…something every Canadian can understand, even if they are smirking behind their hands…we are not about war.

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BC’s Future Goes Back to the Past…

Temporary foreign workers needed for B.C.’s future, says premier

Christy Clark: ‘There’s going to be a spurt in the number of workers that are required.’

By Tamsyn Burgmann, The Canadian Press Posted: Oct 03, 2014 10:23 AM PT Last Updated: Oct 03, 2014 10:23 AM PT


Living on the Island, where it is almost impossible to find a decent paying job, even part time, and forcing our kids to leave to find work, have to wonder what it is that Clark is talking about..we don’t need more foreign workers, we need decent pay, benefits and local initiatives for jobs for our current citizens..I have tried to find some sort of part time work for a couple of years as a retired senior who needed a bit more than an inadequate pension and CPP…gave up after a long look, and cannot imagine why it is that our papers and other sources of employment listings are so spare, yet the Right keeps whining about foreign workers…
Perhaps if the corporate donors to the Cons and BC Liberals were forced to treat their prospective employees as something beyond wage slaves there would be no reason to bring foreign workers in…but then, LNG will be extracted and managed by foreign nationals with no legal reason to do anything but hire the cheapest workers wherever they find them…this broken record brought to you by the folks that foisted Expo 86 and the Cambie Corridor Skytrain line down our throats…complete with a workforce not always covered by the same rules as the rest of us….

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The US Declares Permanent War in Arab Winter

How ISIS and Syria drove a stake through the Arab Spring

The rise of ISIS is a setback for reform in a region that is crying out for it

By Nahlah Ayed, CBC News Posted: Oct 03, 2014 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Oct 03, 2014 5:00 AM ET

The fact is that like it or not, the Brotherhood won the democratic election in Egypt fair and square. The West’s response?
Well, uh, democracy is fine for the rest of us, but obviously, Egypt ‘doesn’t get it’ and we can’t have a fundamentalist high-jacking our attempts to ‘democratize’ we’ll force the issue, get rid of the legitimately elected President, and wipe out a few thousand of his supporters…then sit back and ponder why the rise of ISIS seems so inevitable…
ISIS is a Frankenstein monster of the US’s creation (as was the propping up of Mubarek for all those decades)…in Syria, in Egypt, in the middle East generally..the political manipulation to control oil rich states has backfired…it was inevitable.

In this  article, Ms Ayed blames  the former corrupt regimes for not being more flexible regarding the  desires of the young in their countries for change…but who  were those shadowy characters in the background,  the US reps propping up those old regimes?

What does the US gain from this setback? Time, and a chance to stop reform in its tracks, thus subsidizing the US arms dealers while  propping up the oil corps’ control in the regions..what little control they have left..war of any kind is always  good for a lagging economy in the capitalist system…

It is beyond ironic that ISIS is financing it’s war with revenues from captured oil fields…


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Your Call Is, Truly, Unimportant to Us, Stay on the Line..or Hang Up, we Don’t Care…

Customer service is becoming more Kafkaesque by the day

Companies like to deflect problems with call-centre bureaucracy then use social media to show they’re just like us. They’re not



Here is an article i read in the Guardian, and  though it  mostly centers on  corporate phone reps,  governments everywhere have truly learned much at the  foot of their corporate masters….

I realize that it helps no one to point this out, but it’s truly Kafkaesque, all over the world now..
Even so-called local phone reps cannot seem to give you a straight answer, and getting mad and giving up, is, I’m sure, the ultimate goal for the companies and government bureaucracies hiding behind these people who only want to collect a paycheque…although I do get angry (happened, again, yesterday, this time with a local governmental bureaucratic screw-up) …I treat it like a game now, to entertain myself while they twist in the wind, trying to come up with something, anything, to make me hang up and go away…when I finally point out to them what probably caused the screw-up in the first place, they get really anxious…and quickly give me something practical to do and they hang up first…You have to be persistent, and try to channel your anger into some quiet sarcasm re the government, the corporation, etc. to get them to respond in your favour, not theirs…it’s pathetic and painful, but what options do we have?

This is, actually, the second time that this particular (Provincial)  group has done me in…and I’m willing to bet that they know it, know why, and are making excuses for it because they are inundated with complaints now about lost applications, changes of address, etc etc…and all because these right wingers think that  laying off a bunch of public sector workers is good politics… now they reap what they sow in frustration and  anger, not to mention that, for some, their screw-ups cause real hardship…and on their website, the BC government recently announced a ‘joint’  supplementary addition of millions to the program with both their Fed overlords and  the Province…evidently, none of it going to salaries to help clean up the mess they have in-house…nope, won’t identify this particular program..but their  various announcements while you wait, interminably, on hold, (to speak to an actual person) include the edifying message that if you had applied for the program before June of this year, they have  you in the system, if not, they are backlogged…just like our   medical system, things are falling behind, dropping through the cracks…but when challenged about these things in  the Legislature or Parliament,  the leader intones that the money being spent on these programs has increased…not exactly an answer one can pin  one’s hopes on, since none of that extravagance seems to filter down to us…..

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Take the Keys and Lock ‘Em Up…..

Lock up chronic runaways to keep them safe: Winnipeg police officer

The longer they are on the street, the worse it becomes for them, says Supt. Danny Smyth

CBC News Posted: Sep 30, 2014 4:11 PM CT Last Updated: Sep 30, 2014 4:11 PM CT

At what point do the police  have the ability to lock up anyone for any reason, to save themselves some aggravation? How about dealing with the reasons for chronic runaways at the source, instead of this obviously useless style of warehousing them??
There are many reasons for children to be runaways, and yes, I am speaking from experience..started at 12, and a few more times before I became old enough to stop running and take care of myself..there were reasons for what I did, just as there are reasons for what any runaway does, but locking me up and handing me over to whoever was ‘in charge’ was never the answer then (50 years ago) and it still isn’t…
When parents are held morally and legally responsible for their children’s well-being, things might change…when children are educated about being good parents, and have good models at home, maybe things will change…
Until then, the cycle continues…and it is depressing to know that not much has changed since I was a runaway, all those years ago.

When  those on the Right who want to advocate against birth control, abortion , etc. open their maws and start braying, I wonder how many of them  are speaking about  anything they have experienced…an unwanted pregnancy, an inability to cope with  a child for economic or  emotional reasons,  a single parent struggling to  support their child(ren) or  have they ever experienced  an abusive relationship,  one  where you and/or  your child is being threatened with physical or sexual  assault…?

Can anyone state  categorically that  any of these people are in a stable  family situation?

And the children who continue  to run from these situations should be locked up?

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Vancouver Sun: Let’s Give ‘Em Subban to Talk About…

Vancouver Sun’s Jordan Subban photo caption sparks outrage

Newspaper posted photo online calling Vancouver Canuck ‘dark guy in the middle’

CBC News Posted: Sep 24, 2014 7:41 AM PT Last Updated: Sep 24, 2014 8:25 AM PT


The Vancouver Sun is doing what they do..they always feel the need to talk ethnicity, and race is always a factor, just like it portrays its women subjects based on their looks or what they wear, rather than what they are really in the news for…unless of course you are Mayor Watts from Surrey, a Con supporter and wannabe FedCon…then she gets all sorts of publicity…but her looks? Never mentioned…

While Americans get castigated, almost daily, and rightfully so,  for the idiocy of their owners (and players) regarding racial issues, the problem is obviously alive and well and  rearing its ugly head in Canada…not for the first time. English  football (soccer) as well has had its share of racially motivated one has learned much  over the years, and Canadians, so famously tolerant in their reputations, have just joined the rest of the world  in casual racist comments, printed unthinkingly and then  forced into retracting them…too late.

The Subbans have a rich hockey history and no one needs to make light of their heritage, in any way, for any some respect!

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