Vancouver Sun: Let’s Give ‘Em Subban to Talk About…

Vancouver Sun’s Jordan Subban photo caption sparks outrage

Newspaper posted photo online calling Vancouver Canuck ‘dark guy in the middle’

CBC News Posted: Sep 24, 2014 7:41 AM PT Last Updated: Sep 24, 2014 8:25 AM PT


The Vancouver Sun is doing what they do..they always feel the need to talk ethnicity, and race is always a factor, just like it portrays its women subjects based on their looks or what they wear, rather than what they are really in the news for…unless of course you are Mayor Watts from Surrey, a Con supporter and wannabe FedCon…then she gets all sorts of publicity…but her looks? Never mentioned…

While Americans get castigated, almost daily, and rightfully so,  for the idiocy of their owners (and players) regarding racial issues, the problem is obviously alive and well and  rearing its ugly head in Canada…not for the first time. English  football (soccer) as well has had its share of racially motivated one has learned much  over the years, and Canadians, so famously tolerant in their reputations, have just joined the rest of the world  in casual racist comments, printed unthinkingly and then  forced into retracting them…too late.

The Subbans have a rich hockey history and no one needs to make light of their heritage, in any way, for any some respect!

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Back Door Justice on a Friday Afternoon….

NDP forces Commons debate on murdered, missing indigenous women

Conservative-controlled committee didn’t recommend public inquiry but NDP seized debate opportunity

By Kady O’Malley, CBC News Posted: Sep 19, 2014 2:44 PM ET Last Updated: Sep 19, 2014 5:12 PM ET

Ffinally, the NDP comes through in a  wonderfully calculated move that both highlighted the need for a public inquiry, and beat the Cons at their own game..timing is everything.

Anyone who thinks that the NDP isn’t ready for Prime Time better think again…

Probably your best blog to date, Simon..I feel exactly as you do..used to have a bumper sticker (common back in the day here in BC) that said “BC is Indian land” and of course, got my car vandalized and trashed because of it…’
The crap spewed in the media about the ‘kinder, gentler’ country that we supposedly are, free of all the problems that plague our Southern neighbors, is just not true..we have racism, classism and anti-gay and anti-women rhetoric in spades..just not as blatant, but definitely still there..
When the murdered/missing prostitutes from Vancouver were constantly in the news, there was a serious call for an inquiry, but they were only hookers, no one in power cared (or were afraid to ‘out’ their pals as patrons, which is more my guess…) and when after years, they finally arrested Willie Pickton, it seemed blatantly obvious that, although he admitted his own guilt, he probably didn’t do it alone…
My theory, amateurish and far-fetched though it may be,  is that whoever was acting with him might be acting still, and targeting these aboriginal women..but we’ll never know if things don’t change..and Emperor Steve and his KeystoneCons aren’t interested in the truth..their law and order rhetoric apparently doesn’t extend to First Nations  women, just their  rich pals…

MP Romeo Saganash  was brilliant and made the personal  a public outcry for justice…let’s hope something comes of it..and thank you NDP for  creating the wherewithal to get this back in the public sphere, where it belongs…let’s finally have some justice , the kind Canada is supposedly so famous for, the kind that can go a long way to making us proud of our country again.

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The Emperor’s (ap)Prentice Magically Transforms First Nations Support

Jim Prentice says many Alberta First Nations are behind new pipeline projects

‘Amongst the strongest allies that Alberta has at the table are the First Nations of this province’

CBC News Posted: Sep 16, 2014 9:25 PM MT Last Updated: Sep 17, 2014 6:20 AM MT


Great that you have First Nations behind the Cons and Chinese in Alberta (I don’t believe it, but whatever…) Another reason to keep all that filthy bitumen in-Province..why not build a refinery right there, on a supportive rez? Still think you’d have First Nations support?

“Art Sterritt, executive director of British Columbia’s Coastal First Nations, says Prentice needs to realize the project will never happen. “Northern Gateway is dead,” he said.”

Could there be a more blatant ploy on the part of the FedCons than the ‘retirement’ of Prentice, that lasted just long enough to get him elected as Premier of Conberta?

Nice try, Prentice (and by extension, Emperor Steve) but none of this nonsense changes anything for BC…your creepy little  pipeline is toast…



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Shakedown in Yankeeland


American shakedown: Police won’t charge you, but they’ll grab your money

U.S. police are operating a co-ordinated scheme to seize as much of the public’s cash as they can

By Neil Macdonald, CBC News Posted: Sep 11, 2014 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Sep 11, 2014 5:00 AM ET

I know I shouldn’t be gobsmacked, but I am

I grew up in the States, and, yes, back in the day  this is the sort of thing one expected from the Southern States, where everybody (to those of us on the West Coast) was a hillbilly slacker, the cops were corrupt and they were the worst sort of racists, to boot…of course, like all stereotypes, some of those things were true…the ’60’s  proved that to anyone who watched the news on TV…

Movies like “Easy Rider” helped to shore up that image,  and the Civil Rights movement played out a  terrible injustice that was being perpetrated by Southerners against African Americans…

But this?  American cops turned into   highwaymen, and not just in the South? Yes, it is hard for me to believe that things have disintegrated to this point, but then, from everything I’ve seen or read, I should not even be remotely bemused…

There was a great article  in the Guardian, an interview with Sam Sheperd, the actor, director and writer, who said that he thought that America was inevitably fading away, corrupt from within, with an irredeemable  cultural  slide into oblivion…I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and I sadly have to agree..

The last time I visited the States was in 2002, got stopped and searched several times in the airports on the way down the coast to visit my parents..and I am a white, redhaired female..I would be the only one pulled out of a passenger lineup that included people of South Asian or Arabic background, etc…this kept happening, and I was bewildered, although, this close to 911, in an airport bristling with  soldiers in camo with big semiautomatics slung over their soldiers, looking everywhere at once, I felt like I was caught up in a 3rd World revolution.  But I put it down to my being a ‘foreigner’ though it had never happened before, in all the years I had flown back and forth..

On the trip back, same experience, and I decided then and there to never go back until Bush was out of office, if then…still haven’t returned..and now this.

My mother is still alive,  she is almost 90, and I would like to see her before one of us goes, but  unless I fly, which I can hardly afford,  doubt if it will happen.. I think I have at least an inkling now of what it must be like to be from a country that is unsafe to return to, although you might want to, for a visit…

No, shouldn’t be surprised, but, sadly, I am…

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Desperate Times Call for Desperate Opinion Pieces…


Justin Trudeau may be the next big thing – but Stephen Harper’s still Nickelback

Politics, like music, is about sound and vision. What will voters want to hear in 2015?

By Andrew MacDougall, for CBC News Posted: Sep 07, 2014 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Sep 07, 2014 5:31 AM ET


How did we guess that MacDougall was a former paid Harper hack – and using Nickleback as a metaphor for the Cons is about as perfect as it gets..they both truly suck..and what has Nickleback done lately? As for Trudeau, to act as if he is the one and only threat to the Harper Reich is pathetic –  hopefully the NDP can come up the middle and once again surprise the pundits with a win, or more sensibly,  a coalition…

All this right wing gibberish, that conveniently ignores the ‘other’ parties, does nothing for either the Glibs or the Cons (interchangeable, in my view, on most things) and acting as if they are the only two parties out there to contend with is a shallow and desperate choice for the CBC to really is getting to the point where any Canadian media cannot be trusted…..I get that the Cons are squeezing the budget at the CBC, but this is  beyond belief, and worthy of Conrad Black’s/Barbara Amiel’s  sort of editorial content.  Although, to be fair, they did use the metaphor of  arguably the worst band in Canada, and, since the Harper regime is arguably the worst ever in Canada, perhaps it is more than appropriate…


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SuperCrusty and the Lazy Opposition Don’t Come to Blows

B.C. teachers’ strike: Union rejects premier’s demand to suspend strike

Union says government remains entrenched, inflexibile and unwilling to bargain.

CBC News Posted: Sep 03, 2014 10:51 AM PT Last Updated: Sep 04, 2014 7:58 AM PT

All of you 5 cent a comment Liberal trolls can say and think what you like, but here are the facts..and how do I know? Because the gov’t tactics mirror those of almost any organization out there with a union that has had enough…ignore them for months at a time, refuse to set any dates for bargaining until a week before a crucial date, in this case the start of the regular school year, act as if you have been ‘working really hard’ to solve the dilemma, but in reality Fassbender has been doing nothing, biding his time until the voters start getting anxious, then Crusty comes to his ‘defense,’ whining about how ‘hard’ he’s been working..he has done nothing but collect the taxpayers’ money all summer, with a few odd photo ops thrown in…
No wonder Ready walked away..nothing has changed, folks, nothing to see here..anyone remember the last civic strike in Vancouver..same song second verse..they starved us back to work, but the public was so angry at the then Mayor, Sullivan, that he got turfed next election…if only we could count on Crusty being turfed along with her bunch of useless cabinet lackeys…but the memory is too short in this Province, and the hopes that this thing will be settled in time for a decent school year seems far far away…

And, hey, NDP, tired of voting for you, , when you do nothing during this disgraceful situation, just the usual say-nothing -while-the gov’t-screws-itself routine of’s that worked out for you so far?  What, another Lieberal majority? Gasp!!!

Don’t just sit back and do nothing during  still another term of office as  Opposition..offer up something, put a bit of that research money you get into  a plan that can see a compromise from both are still supposed to be representing all voters, no matter what side of the Leg you sit would be good for parents, students and teachers to have a little something progressive to look at, something positive that they could take to the table, and something that would embarrass the hell out of the Lieberals..isn’t that your job?

I’m betting that the BCTF has  muffled the NDP at this point, but unless and until the government decides to get off it’s butt and actually bargain, the kids are the ones who have no education…and no one can afford that for long…

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The Mulcair Solution: Fence-Sitting as Political Suicide….

Quebec NDP MP Sana Hassainia defects over Mideast position

By Susana Mas, CBC News Posted: Aug 20, 2014 1:48 PM ET Last Updated: Aug 20, 2014 7:16 PM ET




Sad to say, the NDP has always waffled on this issue, and it’s one of many reasons I refuse to join the party or do any more volunteer work for campaigns…I will, also unfortunately, have to keep voting for them as there is no progressive alternative around…if the Greens ever cease kowtowing to the Tories, I might have to go there.May is the only ones with the guts to take a principled stand on the Israel-Palestine issue….

The fact that Mulcair has decided to take cheap shots at Hassainia’s  ‘attendance’  or comment that they tried to ‘accommodate’ her by allowing her to breastfeed in a private office is  so pathetic that I can’t think of anything that isn’t too vulgar to compare it with.

I can’t help but wish that she had  breastfed right from her seat in the house, that would have stirred things up! Suffice to say, I am disappointed (as usual) with the NDP, but sadly, not too surprised…

I’m guessing they are in panic mode because they have foolishly sat back and watched as Junior Trudeau went out and pressed the flesh, his gleaming smile and spit curls on the forehead charming the average disgruntled Tory voter (read: ex-Libs) and stealing all the thunder  garnered by the NDP in Quebec..

Mulcair is great in the House, no denying it; but  the average voter could care less…he is allowing the Cons and Libs to take the fight to him, instead of being out there  meeting the public, at least once in a while…and  this latest defection will help not at all…

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