November Is the Cruelest month…

Unable to find affordable housing, 82-year-old living in Victoria shelter

OCTOBER 29, 2014 09:58 PM

All I want is a room somewhere

Far away from the cold night air

With one enormous chair…..

Ah, wouldn’t that be loverly?

I have been indulging myself in creepy fantasies of just this sort of thing happening to me, and others like me..

I am  lucky to have a partial pension from work, but it doesn’t do very far, and it just covers my rent (but not utilities…)

I realize that, compared to this woman, I am doing  okay, but…

Who knows for how long?  Being a senior used to be something that, frankly, I looked forward to…my time being my own, and a bit of comfort out if the weather…after  many years of physical labor in all weather, I  thought that I could finally be free of the need to worry..but guess that  never leaves us…

Canada’s cities are often touted as the most desirable places to live, etc…blah blah blah….

The one I’m in now is  a beaut, I  am happy to be here in many ways..but it is super expensive, and now food is getting to the point where I will have to be very careful what I buy, and where..

This issue was not part of the rosy picture I painted for myself,  thought that I had  budgeted carefully , assuming I would always have enough.  Now?  Not so sure…

Senior’s grants in BC have supposedly gone up  but I see no evidence of that..the SAFER grant, a bit extra for those of us who rent, has just been fiddled with and as of December, I will be making  $100 less as a rent subsidy than before…a huge amount  for me, but still, I can manage if I’m careful…

I  feel so much empathy for this woman, and all the elderly men and women  who  also  are in this same situation..what can be done?

I have no answers, but the chill of November just entered my soul after reading this. Autumn has always been my  favorite time of the year…up til now.

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A Bridge Too Close?

Gabriola Island Bridge project prompts new opposition from residents

Bridge-Free Salish Sea group plans to mount a petition campaign to gauge concerns over proposed bridge

CBC News Posted: Oct 29, 2014 11:06 AM PT Last Updated: Oct 29, 2014 11:07 AM PT


I think that all of us who live on the Big Island and the littler ones had better get used to this; not only is it a direct threat to the NIMBYs on the smaller islands who don’t like the big rise in ferry fares (none of us do, but it keeps my limited income on the Island, a good thing…) but the facts are that, though most of us never voted for them, the gLibs are here to stay and will do what they like…besides the mere threat of a bridge swiftly silences those who complain about ferry fares, and redirects the defense to the concept of a bridge…pretty good deflection by the ClarkCorp…you have to admit…

Anyone else remember Pat NcGeer’s  SoCred fantasies about a bridge to Vancouver Island from the Lower Mainland?  Not looking like so much science fiction, now..and with the way things are going, the last model I saw, a series of  pontoon-type bridges that landed on, and drove through, several islands before coming to rest on Vancouver Island, may not be such a  pipe dream anymore.

With one of their infamous PPPs (public/private partnerships)  the corporate types who financed  BC Liberals would be slavering  for the chance to  ding us further by big  tolls, and the swift elimination of  unions and headaches for the government vis a vis the  fare increases and the constant need to repair the old ferries would stop, eventually…but will it happen?

Stay tuned.


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The Cheat Is On…

Fake Revenue Canada Agency website used in online scam

Katherine Murray thought she was applying to get the B.C. teachers’ strike support payment

CBC News Posted: Oct 28, 2014 6:24 AM PT Last Updated: Oct 28, 2014 6:25 AM PT


The problem with so many of these ‘official’ looking sites is that there seems to be no easy way to report any of it..
I constantly get fake government or commercial email warnings, and it sometimes astounds me how creative they are..trouble is, they are always from companies I either never heard of or places I don’t do business with..
There should be a central scam report site for us to forward these emails to, and someone should be dealing with the inherent fraud..
As a possible answer to those who have been, and will continue to be scammed online, I can only offer my own solution…if any utility, bank, government stuff comes that seems even slightly off, don’t open it..go directly to the supposed source and ask…e.g. go to the actual banks website, or the government site, and find out if in fact you were sent such an email..even if you aren’t suspicious, do it anyway..

It never hurts to be cautious, but it always hurts to get burned.

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Morphing Tragedy into Terror: the Harper Agenda

Canada won’t be cowed by terrorism, or by a draconian response to its threat

The Ottawa shooting requires a measured reaction. We won’t let this society be divided into ‘us and them’

You that never done nothin’
But build to destroy
You play with my world
Like it’s your little toy
You put a gun in my hand
And you hide from my eyes
And you turn and run farther
When the fast bullets fly.

-from “Masters of War”   by Bob Dylan


I found Harper’s speech after the Ottawa incident revolting, not to mention the fact that it was plagiarizing Bush’s 911 speech to a great extent..
No matter all the international chatter, this was not jihad come to Ottawa, this was the lunatic action of a troubled man who had obviously sent out lots of signals that he was prepared to do something suicidal..since so many Canadian politicians, after the fact, are stating that they were ‘briefed’ that something would happen…that something, in my mind, was a reaction to Canada granting Malala honourary citizenship status, as they had for Mandela and the Dalai Lama..
Harper expropriated the rhetoric of other war mongers and seemed to almost preen with satisfaction at the events, since he thinks they bolster his fear-mongering, which in turn plays to his fewer and fewer supporters…
This was not Canada’s 911, but it was an example of what can happen in any country that agrees to aid and abet the Western mythologizing of war as a valid response to their corporate supporters’ fears.  And sadly, a young man had to die….and three more in Quebec…never mind the so-called terrorists, don’t let Harper win.

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Harper’s Zipper: Stuck Again


Conservatives’ copyright law changes could backfire

Does the government really want to trigger a debate over the use of political attack ads?

By Kady O’Malley, CBC News Posted: Oct 14, 2014 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Oct 14, 2014 8:12 AM ET

The Cons haven’t had much success so far in trashing  Junior Trudeau…well, not too surprising, but then they are guilty of the same sort of  overstatement, so hard for the pot to call the kettle..and what they’ve focused on seems odd in the extreme..if their new  regulation vis a vis the  press and what is and isn’t used from  reportage goes through (and I can’t see the Supremes allowing it to…) I’m a bit confused as to how it would work in the Con’s favour…

Don’t forget that Junior Trudeau’s political predecessor won all our begrudging hearts by keeping Canada out of Iraq..and Trudeau is right…we shouldn’t be there, it isn’t our fight, and get real,   Cons, this all hearkens back to the Russians trying unsuccessfully for decades to control  Afghanistan through the same routine, only to leave in despair..and what replaced them? A heavily fundamentalist regime..nothing to see here folks…we may not like it, but these countries really need to fight their own battles, and even the rationale of blood for oil is invalid these days with the fuel surplus dropping prices in the West…

I am not a big fan of Trudeau, but have to say I actually enjoyed the line about ‘whipping out the C-18s’…not only is he creating an indelible image of rightwing whackjob old men gracelessly whingeing about who has the biggest or the best…he is speaking in the  language of real people…something every Canadian can understand, even if they are smirking behind their hands…we are not about war.

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BC’s Future Goes Back to the Past…

Temporary foreign workers needed for B.C.’s future, says premier

Christy Clark: ‘There’s going to be a spurt in the number of workers that are required.’

By Tamsyn Burgmann, The Canadian Press Posted: Oct 03, 2014 10:23 AM PT Last Updated: Oct 03, 2014 10:23 AM PT


Living on the Island, where it is almost impossible to find a decent paying job, even part time, and forcing our kids to leave to find work, have to wonder what it is that Clark is talking about..we don’t need more foreign workers, we need decent pay, benefits and local initiatives for jobs for our current citizens..I have tried to find some sort of part time work for a couple of years as a retired senior who needed a bit more than an inadequate pension and CPP…gave up after a long look, and cannot imagine why it is that our papers and other sources of employment listings are so spare, yet the Right keeps whining about foreign workers…
Perhaps if the corporate donors to the Cons and BC Liberals were forced to treat their prospective employees as something beyond wage slaves there would be no reason to bring foreign workers in…but then, LNG will be extracted and managed by foreign nationals with no legal reason to do anything but hire the cheapest workers wherever they find them…this broken record brought to you by the folks that foisted Expo 86 and the Cambie Corridor Skytrain line down our throats…complete with a workforce not always covered by the same rules as the rest of us….

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The US Declares Permanent War in Arab Winter

How ISIS and Syria drove a stake through the Arab Spring

The rise of ISIS is a setback for reform in a region that is crying out for it

By Nahlah Ayed, CBC News Posted: Oct 03, 2014 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Oct 03, 2014 5:00 AM ET

The fact is that like it or not, the Brotherhood won the democratic election in Egypt fair and square. The West’s response?
Well, uh, democracy is fine for the rest of us, but obviously, Egypt ‘doesn’t get it’ and we can’t have a fundamentalist high-jacking our attempts to ‘democratize’ we’ll force the issue, get rid of the legitimately elected President, and wipe out a few thousand of his supporters…then sit back and ponder why the rise of ISIS seems so inevitable…
ISIS is a Frankenstein monster of the US’s creation (as was the propping up of Mubarek for all those decades)…in Syria, in Egypt, in the middle East generally..the political manipulation to control oil rich states has backfired…it was inevitable.

In this  article, Ms Ayed blames  the former corrupt regimes for not being more flexible regarding the  desires of the young in their countries for change…but who  were those shadowy characters in the background,  the US reps propping up those old regimes?

What does the US gain from this setback? Time, and a chance to stop reform in its tracks, thus subsidizing the US arms dealers while  propping up the oil corps’ control in the regions..what little control they have left..war of any kind is always  good for a lagging economy in the capitalist system…

It is beyond ironic that ISIS is financing it’s war with revenues from captured oil fields…


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