Is the Concept of ‘Left Unity’ all we have left?

Labour is part of the problem, not the solution

Its rhetoric may be softer than the Tories’, but the party still puts profit before people. Left Unity offers a new voice
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Mikey Doesn’t Like It…


Former B.C. premier Mike Harcourt quits NDP

Harcourt let membership lapse over many issues including the party’s opposition to carbon tax

CBC News Posted: Apr 01, 2014 8:10 AM PT Last Updated: Apr 01, 2014 8:10 AM PT


Have to agree with Mike, in principle,  although my membership lapsed years ago, and though I vote for the NDP in spite of the things they do that I don’t like (the alternatives are unthinkable) I am, like so many BCers, leaning towards the Greens..I can’t speak for other Provinces , but here on the West Coast, where the bulk of the population does not vote for the Liberals but they magically keep getting elected (don’t ask) our environmental issues are becoming more and more important, but the NDP keeps slogging along with leaders who can’t decide to get their heads out of the dirty 30′s and deal with the realities of today..and we are not all part of ‘working families’ which seems to be the sole focus of every on-message statement the NDP make..yes, Carole James was dumped rather unceremoniously, but the fact is, she kept hanging on long past the time when she should have exited Adrian Dix has  done – and like Harcourt,  in no way responsible for the  Bingogate scandal, did in fact resign, because he knew that when it comes to leadership, the buck has to stop at the top..would that Harper had so much class…
The Green Party is still too conservative-minded for my taste, mostly because  a balance has to be achieved between labour and environment, and they haven’t come up with much in that department..but there is hope for us in the person of  NDP MP Nathan Cullen, who has been travelling around our  Province urging us to fight Con rubber-stamping of the Enbridge pipeline (those of us on Vancouver Island need little urging.) A referendum is in the works, and I for one intend to fight tooth and nail, at whatever level I can be of use..hopefully Harcourt will be there  with us..
I met Mr. Harcourt on two occasions spread far apart, and was impressed both times with his willingness to listen, a rare commodity in a politician..hopefully, he will join us in this fight and help us to draw the attention of the media and the government to our issues and not simply ‘retire’  to nurse his  resentments..he is  much to valuable as a spokesperson and a still-popular  ex-politician to  be allowed to fade away…

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Supremely Satisfying…

The Day Stephen Harper Was Pounded By the Supreme Court

Have to admit I had to read it twice..but yes, Nadon was re-jected byHarper’s own appointees!  Every one of ‘em…wow,  it must be Canada, or something….

It’s a good day for Canadian citizens..and  another round of eating crow (poor crow!) for Harper..waaaahhhh!!!!!
Bet Obama is wishing that his Supremes were as supportive of the US Constitution. And, it’s equally wonderful to realize that Harper attempted to ‘stack’ the Court with rightwing judges..but, who could have even fantasized that they actually decided to do the other ‘right’ thing and slap the PM down?  Enjoy the Ukraine, Steve, we can only pray it’s a one way ticket…

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Air Canada : the Suckage Continues…..


Air Canada passenger sues after seat-bumping dispute

Waverley man says he was denied a seat during a business trip to Whitehorse

CBC News Posted: Mar 20, 2014 7:51 PM AT Last Updated: Mar 20, 2014 9:32 PM AT



We have all read such things before about Air Canada, but it’s still nice to know that someone is at least taking them to task  for their unforgivable lack of interest in treating  their customers with the most basic of courtesy or decent service…

As someone who suffered the same fate at Christmas time, about ten years ago,  going to visit aged parents who had to travel for hours to pick me up from the closest airport, I am empathetic..but there were no rules for this at the time, and Air Canada with its usual arrogant attitude, made we wait until the next day, inconveniencing me and my parents with no compensation…my ticket, which had been purchased months before, was also not honored at the price charged…. I had to pay extra to fly out the next day..adding insult to injury. My only recourse was to boycott Air Canada, which I have done ever since

Good for you, Mr. LaChance, hope you get all the publicity you deserve…and Air Canada? It would be nice to see them have a huge change at the top, right down to the actual workers..but I’m not holding my breath, and there are always alternatives…

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Intervention and Dissension…

The Ukraine crisis: John Kerry and NATO must calm down and back off

The Guardian

2 Mar 2014: Jonathan Steele: The hysterical reaction to Russian military movements in Crimea won’t help. Only Kiev can stop this crisis becoming a catastrophe
This was a great analysis of the  real issues in the Ukraine, and  the plea to the  US and others to back off is a valid one..
There is a Russian-speaking majority in the  Crimea that doesn’t want it’s language and culture threatened, as it is  by  a new law  forcing all Ukrainians to adopt the language, and this is sounding as if  a form of cultural genocide is  to be made a sacred deal by Ukrainian  nationalists..whereas the people on both sides of the language issue have much in common,  giving Putin an excuse to muscle into territory he doesn’t want to lose to the EU is no way to progress..
Still, it is the Ukraine’s fight , and they must be allowed to decide their fate without the intervention of NATO or any other body.
The protesting Opposition in  the Ukraine  is composed of a complicated set of groups  from democrats to right-wing neo-fascists, and support should be given unconditionally for  direct help in areas like medicine, but no other  intervention makes any sense at all…
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Whores, Bores, and Liberal Cores….

Canada’s opposition NDP open to coalition, Liberals less keen

Tue Feb 25, 2014 5:49pm EST – Reuters

Although in principle I agree that whatever progressives  elected to Parliament should band together in the sense of controlling the votes, I fail to see why, or how, a coalition of ConLites and the NDP can be a good least as a formal coalition..
There is nothing very progressive about the Liberal agenda, aside from the usual vaporous nothings of Junior Trudeau re decriminalizing  pot and some vague stuff that only he seems to be confident of..what does the guy stand for, anyway? He thinks that Keystone is just fine..wha…? He makes rude jokes about the Ukraine, he has no actual progressive views or by extension, does his party..
Remember, if you please, that what Harper fears is that those who used to vote Liberal and voted for him last time will desert the Cons..for what? Really, are voters that stupid that they cannot tell the difference between Harper and Trudeau and will in any case vote Liberal…what does that mean? That conservatives  suddenly turn, magically, into progressives? means, and we have always known this, that those who might desert the Cons for the Libs are anything but progressives, and are only frightened by the worst excesses of Harper’s merry band of tricksters…they will do nothing to support  any progressive ideas, and Trudeau knows this, so he will never publicly agree to anything like a coalition, for fear of offending these ConLites…and so it goes….
Actually, I think it was rather clever of Mulcair to say what he exposes the Libs and Junior J for what they truly are, crass vote whores who could care less about policy, as long as they regain power…

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Canadian Athletes: Smart Like Tractor, eh, Putin?

Vladimir Putin and the Horror at Canada House

Why are you even surprised, Simon? The  fact that they are involved in the ‘owe-limp-icks’ tells you everything you need to know..they probably shop at MalWarts, and accept endorsement money from any PR hack from any company (can you say ‘Nike?) that gets waved in their faces..These people aren’t about making a statement re homophobia, dictatorships or anything else..the last time the Olympics showed any class at all was Berlin, 1936…since then it’s been nothing but a money-pit for taxpayers. Every time someone is shilling for our money for ‘athletes’ I want to vomit..Our tax dollars should never go to these hyped-up corporate welfare wannabes..

The extent of their ambition is to win a medal, not for their ‘country’ or their personal satisfaction, but so that they can get lucrative endorsement deals..just like the pros, except that we are asked to support them financially unless and until this economic windfall, minus anything like a conscience, comes through due to their good looks or ability to do something a fraction of a second faster than someone else…really?
This Western First World cult of celebrity is nothing more than a substitute for that other opiate, organized religion..and why be shocked and appalled that it’s ‘disciples’ are constantly shilling for mo’ money? Isn’t that what televangelists do in the  name of their mythical gods?

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