Reflections on Defections….



MP Glenn Thibeault’s defection leaves the NDP feeling ‘hurt’

Sudbury MP’s decision to join provincial Liberals leaves former party searching for answers

By Rosemary Barton, CBC News Posted: Dec 18, 2014 11:00 AM ET Last Updated: Dec 18, 2014 11:00 AM ET

9 Wildrose MLAs, including Danielle Smith, cross to Alberta Tories

Progressive Conservative members say they’re willing to look beyond past grievances

CBC News Posted: Dec 17, 2014 11:09 AM MT Last Updated: Dec 18, 2014 9:36 AM MT


I think that ex=NDP Thibeault crossing the floor to the Liberals was typical political expediency, although the fact that he was caucus chair gives one pause….was he some sort of plant, originally? A conclusion that could make sense…while everyone is clutching their bosom at this ‘appalling’ turn of events, let’s not  forget that Mulcair  once switched parties, too….
Still, what happened in Alberta is hardly the same say that there is no ‘opposition’ left in Alberta is to say that the so-called Wild Rose Party was anything like an opposition, more like Right and Rightier…they are all joining forces because the dirty oil writing is on the wall..the Cons will bomb out in Alberta long-term, because the oil sands are now so unprofitable, and will be for the foreseeable future..It will now cost more to produce their dirty bitumen than it’s worth on the market, with all the new reserves being in competition, world-wide. Already, there are layoffs looming in the energy sector, and certainly more to come… Prentice probably has one more election left in him, and then, once the unemployed start getting restless, things will probably change…but even rightwing Wild Rose  whackjobs recognize that their employment as career politicians might be threatened by appearing even more tea-party than their counterparts…

The one big positive I can see from all this is that a decrease in tar sands  extraction will be an improvement for the environment… and all those newly unemployed workers will be screaming for the jobs  all those foreign workers  are getting now..the best-laid plans, eh, Emperor Steve?

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So Long, It’s Been Good to Know You, Libby…..

Libby Davies, NDP deputy leader, won’t run in 2015

CBC News Posted: Dec 12, 2014 1:26 PM ET Last Updated: Dec 12, 2014 7:39 PM ET

Having watched Ms. Davies for all of the forty years of her political career, starting with her election to Vancouver Council, I am saddened, but not surprised, at her early retirement..
She has tirelessly devoted herself to the issues that are more difficult and contoversial  in her riding than in others, and she fought hard for every vote..the fact that she was “muzzled’ on certain issues was a black mark on Layton and Mulcair.  Libby spoke for many of us whose so-called representatives, of every political stripe, remain blinkered by rightwing Jewish lobbying…I will miss her. Who is there to replace her? The fact that the NDP is so adamantly opposed to anyone not speaking from the script is a black mark against them and party policy, and makes a joke of the term ‘democratic’ in their name..
I have always been an NDP voter, but not a party member, since I did not agree with their philosophy on this and many other issues..their swing to the Right since Mulcair was elected has sealed their fate…and their one strong progressive voice will now be silenced..
Hopefully someone else will emerge from the party ranks to replace her, but right now, cannot see who that will be..
It is my belief that Libby knows that with the NDP swing to the Right they have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, and Trudeau will prevail…like it or not..and  progressives will continued to be ‘handled’ by those  backroom boys , who exist  in the NDP  just as strongly as in the PMO…
Have a wonderful rest of your life,Libby… doubt if you will be ‘retired’ for long…lots of work to do here in BC…Thanks for your strong service.

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Penalty and Entitlement….

Bill Cosby’s pound cake, Ferguson and the dubious politics of personal responsibility

The cases are unrelated, but there are parallels. The power of the accused is set against the credibility of the victim


Still another comparison is the  penalty for  the powerful  committing violence against women and the penalty for damaging or stealing property…
When the rights of one group are used and abused by the powerful elites in control, there is a isn’t about looting and fighting as a purposeful act, it is a kind of last chance rebuttal to injustice,  a commentary on the material, which elites in capitalist societies hold dear…their property…

Alternatively, rape a woman, and, if the victims are actually even able to get a conviction, get a few years, but rob a bank?
Look at the sentences in the so called free world for violent crimes against non elites…and then compare them with crimes against contest as to which type our culture comes down on, hard…
When the non-elites (and they are legion) feel helpless and hopeless, they often attack that which is most precious to their overseers, and that is property..they steal what they could never afford to buy, but are programmed by advertising to desire nonetheless..
When a person of colour is killed for little reason by the stooges who work for the elites (and that is what many police forces have become, mercenary guardians of the precious property of the elites) then how can they feel that justice is not denied them, that there is anything like a level playing field..?
As for Cosby castigating the poor for their poverty, like all rich people everywhere, his politics have soured into a selfish sense of self-entitlement…he is rich and powerful, ergo, he can say and do what he likes, and exploiting vulnerable women has always been the milieu of the rich and powerful throughout history, nothing new there..

Apparently, the only time  a person of colour  can  evade justice, or get justice, is if  he is also an elite… and if that person is a woman,  of any colour or ethnic background,  there is little or no justice to be had when it comes to  sexual predation… but that’s another discussion…


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The New (Old) Victim Shame Game…

Whistler rape posters pulled after making bar patrons uncomfortable

Howe Sound Women’s Centre has agreed to change its campaign after complaints from bar owners

By Jesara Sinclair, CBC News Posted: Nov 26, 2014 10:59 AM PT Last Updated: Nov 26, 2014 10:59 AM PT

The article itself was a bit of a nonentity, but  reading the comments was  extremely revealing..

The CBC media online has more than its share of nickle a comment trolls, but this truly surpassed expectations for sheer defensiveness, not to mention offensiveness..equal to or greater than anything that poster could have engendered..

Below is my reply to one of the worst ones,  after he stated that anyone going drinking in a pub or club in Whistler is there for sex, full stop..and then followed up with instructions on how not to dress or act if  you didn’t want to be treated like a potential victim

You are a wonderful apologist for men’s bad behaviour…have you read the rationale of fundamentalist Islamists for the treatment of women? The whole argument is based on the idea that women are mindless temptresses, who ‘seduce’ men by (gasp!) showing their hair, or wearing ‘immodest’ clothing…apparently men are incapable of controlling themselves around women, They are then all a bunch of potential rapists who need to be treated like idiots, and women are at fault if men can’t control themselves…well, you can see where this is going..

Stop victim blaming. Women have the right to wear whatever they choose, and the right to expect to be treated like equals..if a man has tight jeans on, do you feel the urge to forcibly have sex with him?  Ooh, especially if he is so drunk that he can barely resist? No? Then think about your ‘arguments’ that it is a woman’s fault if she is assaulted.

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One Nation Under the Fascists’ Heel

Israeli cabinet approves legislation defining nation-state of Jewish people

Opponents say proposed law would reserve ‘national rights’ for Jews and not for minorities that make up 20% of population

  • The Guardian, Sunday 23 November 2014 19.08 GM

Could anything else be more fascist – inspired than this  hateful legislation?

I am officially ashamed that I have any Jewish relatives in Israel, that I ever supported Israel in my innocence in the ’60’s…for this is the Third Reich personified, suggesting that somehow Jews are a superior culture or religion…this is beyond disgusting.

How can any other  country support Israel now?  It was a sad joke before now, but this  racist, ethnocentric force must be fought and stopped…and any Jew anywhere of conscience has to see this for what it is…a further rationale for not only discriminating against every non-Jew within the boundaries of Israel but a perfect argument for continuing to steal Palestinian land for Jewish settlements..after all, are  any Arabs even considered human by Israel anymore?

This is a human rights scandal to match with anything we’ve seen in the last century or this…and is already perpetrating violence against non-Jews in the area…

What’s next?  All non-Jews must wear armbands with the  crescent symbol? Forced out of  any teaching positions, and  only allowed the meanest manual labour jobs within the confines of the country? And land ownership, a private business?

Will they be herded onto trains?  Once you are denied the rights of citizenship, it’s a short trip to the ‘reservation’  or camp….do you think I’m being sarcastic or ironic, or even melodramatic? Think about it…

These things were said about anyone opposed to the German ‘solution’  from it’s earliest incarnations…

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Keeping Remembrance Day in My Own Way….

Gap’s ‘Remembrance Day deal’ not appropriate, Toronto veteran says

‘The point is not to exploit and profit from this day,’ says Cpl. Chuck Krangle

CBC News Posted: Nov 10, 2014 11:10 PM ET Last Updated: Nov 11, 2014 10:57 AM ET

  Have to agree with  Cpl. Krangle, it is beyond inappropriate to  exploit Memorial Day with  yet another phony holiday ‘sale’ and shows no respect for  our veterans, living and dead..

Then again, no ‘sale’ on  any public holiday advertised as such is  truly appropriate..but  you hear little  if any criticism of it..Still the media is happy to headline such a critique during a sensitive time in Canadian history, when we are still feeling the sting of the recent murders of  Canadians on home soil by  people who should have been treated for mental disorders, but were instead free to acquire  arms and  act on their  own hallucinations…

By centering attention on the  stores, all part of the  capitalist system that CBC gratefully buys into every five minutes on their TV network, it is easy to forget why  these  men had to die, and the reasons  get lost in the noise and pontifications from  our  elected leaders..

Why is their such a reduced amount of gun control in this country?

Why are those in dire need of  mental health doctors and facilities ignored, put back out on the streets and left to  fend for themselves?  Let us not forget that one of these sick men begged for incarceration, and told authorities he would be repeating his acts of violence if not stopped..he was not stopped.

Why is the fact that a murdered soldier involved in the hospitalization and rehab of  veterans and soldiers is not given the same attention as one guarding a monument? Could it be that  this sort of publicity would draw voters’ attention to the fact that the Harper  government has underfunded every program to rehabilitate  vets?

On Remembrance Day,  and please remember I am a Canadian citizen by choice, and always am cognizant of how happy that makes me,  I  think of my Russian-born Jewish grandfather,  whose family escaped the pogroms of his village  and  came to the US, a handsome young  doughboy  in uniform in a formal portrait, who lived a long and good life, unlike many of his comrades..

I think of my Brooklyn, NY-born  father, who lied about his age (15) to enlist and fight in WW2 and joined the SeaBees,  a Navy Construction Battalion, because he was colorblind and could not be  given a combat role, and the horrors of Guadalcanal and  the surrounding areas that he had to deal mother told me he used to wake up screaming during the early years  of their married life….

I think about all the teenage boys  that I went to school with  who were forced into  the Vietnam War, and those  who came back alive were often  damaged in ways that were not necessarily visible to the eye…often as  drug addicts who  had  the shadowed hollow eyes of  desperation.

This year, of course, I’ll be thinking about the  men who died so needlessly in this  war  of Harper’s making…not  because of his decision to get involved, yet again, in the countries far away that are not a concern of ours except as  our  old role of peacekeepers would dictate, but  the men who died here because of  his policies  of scorched earth when it comes to social justice or helping those who cannot help themselves…

    Perhaps Cpl.  Krangle will find  my musings inappropriate, but  to paraphrase Scrooge, “Let me honor  Remembrance Day in my own way..”

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Coalition of Progressives: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

The usual desultory conversations have been making the media rounds regarding a Liberal/NDP coalition…yet  the typical  trivial fracas in Parliament seems to  be vetoing the idea before it hits the ground..

Trudeau  oversteps, Mulcair gets castigated for responding, the Cons snigger in the background as the rest of us seem to self-distruct, over and over again, a continual Groundhog Day of  self-abuse that gets us nowhere..instead of planning for a successful run at the Cons next time around, our political choices seem bent on maintaining the status quo..

It would be great if this happened of its own accord, but if wishes were horses….
I finally, grudgingly  see the need for a coalition group to establish itself under a separate banner, say, “United Progressives”  or some such, that both Liberal and NDP supporters could relate to,  get together and brainstorm ways to strategically run for office and to vote to defeat the could be done, it should be done, and I would be happy to join support/volunteer for such a group here in BC…here’s hoping that, once again, the voters don’t just leave it all to the politicians..let’s start participating in our participatory democracy…

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