Hey Horgan, Which Side Are You On?

Leap manifesto a bad fit for B.C. says NDP leader John Horgan

‘It doesn’t reflect the values of British Columbians,’ says NDP leader

By Karin Larsen, CBC News Posted: Apr 12, 2016 10:24 AM PT Last Updated: Apr 12, 2016 10:24 AM PT


If Horgan and the rest of the MOR drones in the NDP don’t get their act together and realize that resource extraction is dinosaur methodology, the party will find itself with few supporters…the progressive voters in this province want a greener vision for BC..and yes, there will be some interruption of employment, but it’s been shown that a green-based economy can be just as lucrative as resource extraction, which is destructive, polluting and ultimately finite..the “he’s a lumberjack and he’s okay” sort of thinking has to give way to the realities of climate change and attitude change..this is why the Greens are doing well in BC and the NDP is losing followers at a rapid rate..that  lack of vision can  be extended to  the  NDP federally a s well as in other provinces..I have always voted for the  NDP, but if this is  all that  Horgan et al have to offer, more of the dreary, mind-nimbingly backward same old same old, then I’m done…
I happily signed the Leap Manifesto, and will continue to write/fight against fracking, pipelines and other destructive practices in any way I can..these ‘jobs’ are the past, not the future.  Notley and Horgan are self-destructing if they think otherwise.

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Wallflowering the One that Brung Ya…

Keeping Tom Mulcair may have been safer bet for NDP, history suggests

Parties that have lost seats but kept their leaders have had more future success

By Éric Grenier, for CBC News Posted: Apr 13, 2016 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Apr 13, 2016 5:00 AM ET


To abuse a hockey metaphor, when the team fails, who gets fired? Not the players, the coach…it’s a ridiculous analogy, in some ways, but the truth is, in Canada, this passes for political intelligence..a term which is soon to be considered an oxymoron..
Political ‘leaders’ rarely have the smarts and the courage to stand up in Parliament and do a great job of providing Opposition..Mulcair will continue to be the best at it, despite his recent humiliation as leader of a party that I will probably continue to vote for despite the consistent self-abuse of it’s delegates and in-crowd.
Like it or not, Mulcair did what he was told to and stayed on message like all political party leader-designates do, falling into goosestep behind whatever decisions are made in the back rooms to be the philosophy of the party…few leaders buck that sort of supervised manifesto…perhaps Mulcair should have, but instead he displayed one flash of brilliant and ultimately fatal courage by supporting a woman’s right to choose..even if it was only what she wore..this cost the NDP dearly in secular Quebec…but the country’s need to be a little bit Canada, a little bit Trump, oversaw the pushback against that obviously progressive stance..
There were other missteps, but the party only has itself to blame..they tend to dither at election time, (not only federally, but also here in BC, hence the continuous monopoly of BC so-called ‘Libs’ in our province)…and now they have tossed the leader out with the bathwater, I would bet to their everlasting regret..

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Be Unconventional – Create a Revolution in Policy….

Mulcair and the NDP head into couples therapy at convention

NDP leader faces a divided party, with some calling for his departure and others standing behind him

By Chris Hall, CBC News Posted: Apr 08, 2016 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Apr 08, 2016 10:09 AM ET



The problem with the NDP..and  all parties – is that the message is pre-determined and the ‘leader’ must deliver the message as fed to him..no deviation allowed..and oddly, Tom Mulcair,  the toughest guy in the room during Parliament is a 98 lb. weakling when delivering the message..whether he likes it or not..

Trudeau seems to be slowly bucking the party establishment..we’ll see about that..but Mulcair never would, and that is his failure..the party needs to give its collective head a shake and realize that a canned message is not what is needed or wanted..get rid of the backroom geeks who are writing/dictating  policy and start thinking about what the party is supposed to represent..the NDP is in danger of extinction otherwise..

It’s been said before, and the Liberals are famous for ‘stealing’ the  ideas of the  NDP and using them to their advantage, but  the  NDP is in danger of  becoming, if it isn’t already, the  moribund middle..a fate worse than death..

It seems inevitable that  Quebec, volatile if nothing else, would have once again shifted the party’s  position back to  ‘normal’ third party status..and as has been written before me,  44 seats is a  ‘high’ of sorts when you look at the NDP’s  record of third party status..

I  got disgusted with the party a long time ago, refused to rejoin or get further involved because I was handcuffed by  the need to , zombie-like,  march (goose-step) to the drum beat of the  backroom boys at any and all costs..sorry, that  just isn’t gonna happen.   I have, up to this point, always voted for them, since they a re always and forever it seems the lesser of  three evils, but that just isn’t good enough any more..this party may  be the one to create  voter apathy…a cardinal sin we must all guard against.

Perhaps it isn’t simply the  party, but the party system, or at least the system that has hogtied the NDP to the   middle of the road…and as I always say,  sittin’ on the fence gets you nothing  but a picket up the bum…

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BC Voters: Clean Up Your Act..

B.C. Energy Minister says clean power projects aren’t the priority

Premiers’ exclusive fundraisers violate conflict of interest rules, says Democracy Watch

Charging $10,000 for exclusive access to premiers violates Canada’s conflict of interest laws, says group

By Mike Laanela, CBC News Posted: Apr 01, 2016 7:29 AM PT Last Updated: Apr 01, 2016 8:33 AM PT

Ancient glass sponge reef discovered off B.C. coast

Rare ecological find by industrial LNG project

By Betsy Trumpener, Carolina de Ryk, CBC News Posted: Mar 31, 2016 12:23 PM PT Last Updated: Mar 31, 2016 3:54 PM PT

OUR VIEW: As coal diminishes, will the plan die?

New West Record
March 31, 2016 10:01 AM

– See more at: http://www.newwestrecord.ca/opinion/editorial/our-view-as-coal-diminishes-will-the-plan-die-1.2221148#sthash.gnoTd9r8.dpuf

The BC news today? Lowest minimum wage in the country, Christy Clark  is illegally and secretly gathering donations from rich donors, and now this…feeling like we’re living in what has become the worst Province for our environment, our workers and our politics. Between the  Cite C Dam, the  ‘new’ Massey  Tunnel/Bridge, the fact that we have  the lowest minimum wage in the country coupled with  the most expensive real estate in the  country,   it’s a wonder any of us can even get up in the morning and get on with our lives…and to think that Clark won with a majority, that this  party of divisiveness and pre-election super-lies just  keeps going and going..depressing isn’t the word for it…

While our MSM trumpets  ‘new’ discoveries such as  the glass sponge reef, found by  a company sure to  have a valid explanation for its imminent destruction, inadvertent though it might be;  archaic  industries  being eliminated everywhere but here (coal) find support from our Provincial Libs and they just can’t wait to  spend billions of taxpayer dollars to make it so..Vancouver Island,  heavily  NDP country, subjected to Third World  environmental  ‘policies’ with  toxic dumps  allowed  by the BC government to spread their poison willy-nilly and   in  super sensitive areas like Shawnigan Lake which  are now  under the microscope, figuratively and literally,  for potential problems..why? Why to all of  this insanity?

The people of BC  really do need to wake up…all of this reeks of the  failed Con politicians who have  ’emigrated’ to BC  and been welcomed with open arms and wallet by Clark and her  band of corporate stooges..the more the merrier.  After losing Alberta to the most  rightwing NDP  party I’ve seen so far, it’s sadly  true that they  have gone West, and found a  new home here in LaLaLand..and their regressive policies have come with them, and found a kindred  spirit (sorry, Ms. Montgomery..) in Christy Clark, with her toothy smile so very reminiscent of  the Zalm, and her  policies so redolent of  Harper…next election, we  really have to lose these losers or ask ourselves if there is  anyway we  can all  become US refugees in Bernie Sanders’ American Dream…

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Mulcairying the Load For a Failed Election…

Why the NDP needs to keep Mulcair’s hand on the tiller




It’s an interesting question,and since I am not a member of the NDP (Groucho’s quote about memberships in organization ever-present on my mind) I won’t be able to vote on it..but, all things considered, I think he should stay..No one else has the intelligence, style and forcefulness as a Parliamentarian, and he was pretty much the reason that Quebec got on board, and has stayed on board, unlike the wagon-jumpers who fear-voted for Trudeau…he has much to learn, and will get his trial by fire in this round of less-than Opposition status in Parliament..that never hurt any politician, and the longest lived ones hung in there, with the support of their parties..Jean Chretien comes to mind, say what you will…But, he needs to keep his tendency to play it safe economically under control….The people’s needs should always trump the balance sheet…and although he used to be  a Liberal (probably why Trudeau dislikes him so much..) he needs to get back a bit to the reasons  he says he crossed the floor..and we  really could use  a progressive, to hell with the backroom  policy wonks  kind of leader..an any gender Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth  Warren-style  leader, if you will..but with  Canadian values.

The gleam  on  Trudeau is starting to fade, and advantage should be taken, not  just  an oddly meek Mulcair stating that he  could ‘probably’ support a  deficit..no more wimpiness please…


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Un-Friendly Persuasion..Voter Fraud and the CBC’s Lazy, Hazy Reportage

Donald Trump persuading Republicans, but would lose to Hillary Clinton, polls suggest

Republican front-runner could lose big to a Democrat, with Bernie Sanders even stronger than Clinton

By Éric Grenier, for CBC News Posted: Mar 23, 2016 9:43 AM ET Last Updated: Mar 23, 2016 9:43 AM ET


If Trump could lose even bigger to Bernie Sanders, why wasn’t that the headline? Oh wait..the Dems don’t want any actual change , they want a MOR candidate that will continue to goosestep to the corporatist tune..so once again Bernie gets the Dem shaft..kinda like what happened in Arizona, with the voter fraud, mis-registering of Dems as Republicans or Independents, etc. yet the headlines all screaming that Hillary won Arizona..how? By cheating? That is the only way it can happen now…
Funny how the long waits and confusion, as well as outright fraud perpetrated on potential voters, mirrors what happened here in Canada during our elections….didn’t do Harper any good then, won’t do Trump any good now…but the fact that the CBC just meanders along with the deceit, never asking why, is really appalling.

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Keeping Up with Kristy Klark & Justin Kardashian….

With Site C, LNG Trudeau govt already breaking promises to First Nations, environment

Posted March 21, 2016 by Damien Gillis in Energy and Resources

While we have some cause  celebrate here on  Vancouver Island due to the BC  Supreme Court  response to the  contaminated  soil issue at Shawnigan Lake,  there is little to celebrate elsewhere in the Province of BC.

Between  the frackin’ and the  floodin’,  this BC  government is determined to destroy whatever is left of our  natural areas, our  drinking water, our coastlines and our ability to  do  squat about any of it by intoning the  sacred cows of  jobs and profits at any and all costs..as if there were no other way..and the Feds?  Well, hey, didn’t  the  Liberals win the election on promises to  maintain decent environmental standards, to respect  the rights of  First Nations, etc?  Didn’t they?  Hmmmm..

Not much we can do about  the Feds, now,  and as for the Provincial government, especially here on the  Island  where we vote  NDP  almost as an automatic gesture of defiance, I’m preaching to the converted..the real job is to educate and win over the shruggers who either don’t care or think Clark is great..they are the real problems here in BC..year after year of struggling with these same old Socred clowns, and nothing changes…it’s going to take a Bernie Sanders-like revolution to change things here…and let’s not forget, Justin Kardashian isn’t doing much of anything to preserve our environment here in BC either..let’s keep his toes to the fire and help him to break the selfie habit and start thinking about what’s really important, supposedly what he got elected to do.

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