Seniors! Sweet Serfdom Awaits!

Seniors going bankrupt in soaring numbers

More Canadians are outliving their savings and spending their golden years in debt

By Sophia Harris, CBC News Posted: Jun 29, 2015 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Jun 29, 2015 6:54 AM ET


This is a great article for those seniors lucky enough to have owned their own homes..wait until the seniors who rent are left homeless due to ever rising costs (including rent..)
If the powers that be were interested in anything besides their corporate donors, subsidized housing would be in the forefront..and nationalization of municipal and provincial as well as federally- owned property would be the way to go..if our governments built (invested in..) stable cost-effective housing for seniors things might be looking up a bit..we are the single largest group population-wise, and the biggest group of voters..think about it, politicians…

Consider the nightmare for our  medical services if soaring numbers of seniors were clogging up the system due to  homelessness, exposure, random violence from the  haves against the have-nots, and gasp! worst of all, having to move your senior  relatives in with you because they had no where to go..Consider the revisionist principle of  people once again having to work until they dropped – so many modern serfs in today’s corporate paradise,   the new reality flying in the face of the promises of  the First World for  a good, rewarding retirement… or instead, becoming  a drain, financially and emotionally, on  your  younger relatives…

That would be the definition of karma, right?  All those  young people who stayed long past their welcome birthday of 18, now in a position of having to  support and sustain aged parents with no alternatives..

Of course there are alternatives, if the powers that be choose to implement them…and I would suggest that if you  want my vote, some movement in the direction of sustaining seniors in their ‘golden years’  better be  prominent on  your  list of promises as  hopefuls for election..

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Abuse of Power and the Re-Education of Police …..

Michael Wood, ex-Baltimore officer, tweets about alleged police brutality

Retired Baltimore officer Michael A. Wood tweets about disturbing things he allegedly witnessed on the force

By Lauren O’Neil, CBC News Posted: Jun 26, 2015 8:22 PM ET Last Updated: Jun 27, 2015 10:52 AM ET

This article might be  a bit too late in the  “sky is falling’ sector regarding the  abuse of persons of colour, or police corruption, which, like gun violence, just go on and on and on, the most interesting part of  Wood’s tweets, to me, was the fact that he  praised higher education as giving him the  tools to  look at his time as a police officer with a critical eye…

While some might doubt his agenda, have to say that getting an education does, permanently, change the way you think about have to do a lot of writing, and a lot of analysis, and critical thinking was the most important concept that I took away from my own Uni changes how you proceed in the world, how you think about events in the world, and how you perceive your fellow beings. A good thing, instead of merely parroting what your friends or family think or say, thinking for yourself is something that should be taught in regular school curricula, but that is precisely what the powers that be don’t want. There is a reason that fundamentalists and bigots don’t want education for women, or the poor in are probably smart enough to figure out those reasons yourself.

Perhaps  all police should be Criminology grads, with  some PoliSci thrown in, as well as Sociology..might make for  smarter cops, or then again, might make for  cleverer corrupt cops, I don’t really know…but this Western penchant for those in positions of power  abusing the  poor, persons of colour, and women in general, needs to stop, and education  is always the answer. At the very least, the  expectations of  police qualifications should be broadened, since too many  ill-equipped  people are being hired for this  job, people who  should never be in positions of power. The results of this lack of foresight are obvious to anyone.


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Corporate R & B: Get Over It…

Oilpatch could lose $100B without new pipelines, researchers warn

Energy research firm suggests Western Canada producers won’t receive full value for oil exports

By Kyle Bakx, CBC News Posted: Jun 22, 2015 11:41 AM ET Last Updated: Jun 22, 2015 12:11 PM ET



Wah-wah-wah!!!!  The whingeing of the rich and unscrupulous stirs only contempt in the rest of us..if they really were concerned about anything besides the grossness of their offshore accounts , they would spend more on  remedying the damage done,  finance refineries, and work toward sustainable  energy..there is, believe it or not, money to be made in that sector.  Everyone everywhere except Alberta knows that  this sector is on life support, and it’s way too expensive to keep subsidizing dirty bitumen when the rest of the world still has  oil  coming out of their ears…the loss of resources due to fracking in other areas  should give them pause, as well..there is  no viable way to  carry on as if nothing in the  oily sands of Northern Alberta has changed in the  last few decades…get over it, get on with it…

There is,  after all, a reason that the NDP was elected in that province, and all the corporate whingeing in the world won’t change that fact, so join  the  alternative party, corporate scum, and  try and  resurrect what might be left of your  collective  reputations and  pay it forward in the place that made you wealthy…

No more pipelines means Alberta should start, late though it is, to diversify it’s income base…get out of the filthy bitumen toxic wasteland business altogether.. BC doesn’t want your problems dumped on us or our beautiful West one anywhere wants to carry Alberta crude at anytime under any circumstances..once they figure that out and start building their own refineries, things might get a bit better for Alberta…but ‘discovering’ that tourism is a self-perpetuating economic boon, for instance, and that steps should be taken to restore the moonscape created in the North to open it up for recreational opportunities will go a longer way to stabilizing incomes than all the pipelines they might fantasize about…

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Auto-Immune to Progress: Car Manufacturing Going South

Carmakers say adios to Canada as Mexico shifts into higher gear

Mexico now makes more cars than Canada, a trend that’s not expected to change

By Pete Evans, CBC News Posted: Jun 15, 2015 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Jun 15, 2015 9:31 AM ET


It’s deja vu all over again…I am old enough to remember in the late 60’s-early 70’s when production of things like appliances and jeans went south, so to speak, from the USA to Mexico, the advent of the maquiladoras, the workers who were making a comparable large salary, suddenly, in Mexico, and the carnage that resulted in the American economy…this was the real start of the overseas corporate run for cheap labour, and no one seems to remember that…
Now Canada gets to experience the same issues. When the ‘branch plant’ economy first happened, it was accompanied by a set of rules regarding what could and couldn’t be sold here…thanks to Mulroney, NAFTA destroyed what the Liberals mostly tried to buttress, the manufacturing sector..with Emperor Steve at the helm, our downfall has become complete, and just like his counterparts everywhere, Harper doesn’t care about working people, seniors on scary inadequate pensions, or those other words, you and me..his 1% are doing better than ever, thanks so much, and intend to acquire even more wealth through this move…
Get out in vote in October and try to save what is left of our economy…Heave Steve!

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Unreal Estate Prices – Just the Cost of Doing Business in Vancouver…

Vancouver real estate prices not the fault of foreign buyers, says new report

B.C. Real Estate Association says densification and geography are to blame for high home prices

CBC News Posted: Jun 10, 2015 6:03 PM PT Last Updated: Jun 10, 2015 6:38 PM PT


Ah, the fox is releasing media and ‘studies’ from the floor of the grafitti-covered, leaky Vancouver  hen house..
When this ‘organization’ finally stops advertising overseas and decides to accept a smaller percentage for their ‘work’ then maybe I’ll start to trust them, but right now, a real estate agent, a snake oil tout, and a used car lot owner are in the same pool as banksters, payday loaners, the young and the shameless in the PMO,  and all the others who insist on ‘doing business’ to the detriment of the 99%.

Hey, Bob Rennie, you’ve gotten incalculably rich from Vancouver real estate..why not  give back to the community and build some  housing for the homeless?  Knowing you, you’d figure out a way to hit up the  different levels of  government for funding…you know, instead of pointing out that actual home ownership is impossible for all but the very wealthy a situation you spent your career creating..yes we can all move into  your overpriced, undersized condos…or can we?  Oh, wait… they  are all over  $300,000…but yes, you are correct, that is cheaper than the average price of a detached home, now  floating at around a million …


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Corporate Micro-shilling for Dollars…

The microfinance delusion: who really wins?



A perfect example of this chaos theory – inevitability  is the intensity of stratification of poverty in the US, where, back in the 70’s,  in a bid to stop  labor union gains and to  keep profits high,  the rich sought cheaper manufacturing and sent their factories offshore.. did it never occur to them that the US consumer would no longer be able to afford their products because their jobs were gone?  Doubt if they early as the 70’s I started noticing that jobs were becoming scarce, and wondered why the corporate types continued to take their manufacturing businesses offshore…I was very naive, supposing that the wealthy cared whether or not their fellow North Americans prospered…and so it goes..the rich have found still another way of leading the poor into permanent debt, and it enriches them while cloaking them in the veil of economic sanctity…how sad, how predictable…

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The Fundamental(ist) Reasons for It All…..

Rise of the ‘precariat,’ the global scourge of precarious jobs

Barely one in four of the global workforce has a stable job, UN reports

By Brian Stewart, CBC News Posted: Jun 01, 2015 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Jun 01, 2015 8:36 AM ET

Back in the 7-‘s, when i was a young thing just learning about  Zero Population Growth, I decided it was probably not a great idea to have children..I was  single and determined to stay that way, had little income to spare, and I sincerely believed that things were going to get much worse due to overpopulation and environmental  issues, which were just coming to the forefront…

Teleporting to  the year 2015,  things are far worse than even I imagined..when young people raised in the West on democratic  principles (if  not the reality…) are flocking to ISL and  cults like this, one can only look back on the ‘God Squad” cults of the 60’s and 70’s, and one cannot  help but see parallels, albeit less violent ones..

Disillusioned young people (are there any other  kind?) have always  yearned for  a drastic alternative to their seemingly unbearable situations…and  seeking some sort of Other to answer their questions  is the norm throughout the world..but this time it’s  different..

I can remember wondering what on Earth those who sought passage to Syria, Afghanistan, et al were hoping to achieve…especially the young women…it didn’t take me long to  come to the conclusion that  with the figures  shown in the above  article, there was little to hope for  if you were young and jobless, and 3/4 of  the young are just that..a frightening  statistic,   Those who are employed are often in precarious  temporary jobs, low paying, subhuman conditions and child labour has exploded, instead of being  eliminated as we all had once hoped.

The corporatists, have, once again, succeeded in controlling the means of production..and by denigrating the union movement and closing up manufacturing in the West, they have created a situation that is untenable for the bulk of the population..

Young people, educated as never before,  can understandably wonder  what it was all for if there are no jobs to go to, and  thus are seeking solutions outside their  own bleak reality..enter the fundamentalists, who promise the moon and the stars, instant gratification  if you will only fight against the very  philosophy that has a stranglehold on your future…

It’s  sad…and inevitable.


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