Let’s Not Face the Truth….


Canadians of all stripes oppose face coverings at citizenship ceremonies: Vote Compass

Conservative and BQ supporters most opposed; Liberals, NDP and Greens more mixed

CBC News Posted: Sep 21, 2015 3:58 PM ET Last Updated: Sep 22, 2015 11:11 AM ET

Do I think that politicians of all stripes in this election, mostly male, are swinging this cat as a red herring? Absolutely..
I don’t agree with the Cons, and especially not Emperor Steve about anything..but this is just bizarre as an election ploy. Do I think that wearing a face-erasing veil during an official ceremony  in this country should be illegal? Hmmm..then, what about Halloween? I know there are some stores that won’t allow masked people into their premises for obvious reasons, so why is it a stretch for us to disallow women (or anyone, in fact) to wear a mask during a citizenship ceremony..why are we playing identity politics with someone who wants the legal right to mask her identity, all in the name of religious ‘freedom’..there is nothing  ‘free’ about walking  around  with your  face covered, but  nothing  illegal either..however, at a citizenship ceremony?  One  would assume that part of the reason you want to become a citizen if this country is that you desired  to embrace the freedom (comparatively speaking..) available here….
Men are fighting about this issue as if it had any direct affect on them..only their patriarchal bent, perhaps,  but  Canadian women  have been sadly lacking in stepping forward on this issue, particularly progressive women..of course, I know why..it’s a no-win situation.. but that isn’t what the question is supposed to be about.
I don’t understand why anyone would turn this into a legal argument in the first place.
Fact: if you or I walked into an official ceremony for citizenship with a mask on, no matter what gender, race, etc. all hell would break loose… I should know, I  remember it well, no one masked at the  civil ceremony that rendered me a Canadian citizen, remember, by choice, not an accident of birth…
Fact: If you or I wore a mask and tried to get a driver’s licence or any other important piece of identification (say, a passport…) we would be shut down. Why then is anyone defending the ‘rights’ of anyone to wear a face covering in an official ceremony? Will her passport picture her with the niqab? I mean, we aren’t even allowed to smile anymore, so important is it to identify us for officials.
In her country of origin, I might be forced by law and custom to wear a covering and would be beaten, arrested, who knows what, if I resisted..well, when in Rome, I guess..but because my freedom to wear what I choose would be compromised, I, as a Westerner, wouldn’t be caught dead in any country that imposed such oppressive laws on women..kinda like I would never go to Texas or any state that treated women like cattle or ‘possessions.’
I guess according to stupid PC rules we have to allow this woman the ‘freedom’ to be oppressed just this once..Orwell is somewhere, laughing …

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Take a Propaganda at this Ridiculous Headline….

Spin Cycle: Is the NDP’s proposed corporate tax hike a ‘job killer’?

Liberals, Conservatives decry NDP plan to raise corporate tax rate to 17% from 15%

By Ira Basen, CBC News Posted: Sep 17, 2015 3:22 PM ET Last Updated: Sep 17, 2015 3:32 PM ET

Who wrote that headline, some-under-assistant from the  Tory propaganda division of the Conservative party?
It’s been shown time and again that doing things like raising taxes, raising the minimum wage, etc. do not in fact unemployment, layoffs, or cause corporate types to run away, screaming…it’s way too late for that. Those corporate greed-mongers who would leave have, um, already  left..that’s what all those factories in the 3rd World producing our goods are  for…oh, wait….  Now all those factories are going under or slowing down, at best, because we are no longer consuming at the same rate we used to because, surprise surprise, there are fewer jobs for us now that all these corporate types have decided to operate offshore..
We need decent paying jobs here, with benefits, to support ourselves  and our families, and then we can will have discretionary income to spend on goods and services..see how that works?

I promised myself that I wasn’t  gonna write about the election, people are already  sick to death of reading  what is spewed in the MSmedia, but I couldn’t  let this particular story go by without  some sort of response…vote NDP.

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No Hope With This Pope…

Pope Francis tells priests to pardon women who have abortions

The Guardian

Tuesday 1 September 2015

How condescending can this ‘religious’ leader get?
Who cares about forgiveness when there is nothing to forgive? Will the Pope also issue orders to ‘forgive’ the man who didn’t wear a condom, or get it snipped, or whatever? Once again, the onus is on the woman, who, while only 50% of the equation must continue to suffer 100% of the consequences and the blame….
And, once again, the Catholic Church, along with every other form of organized religion, proves my point…organized religion sucks, it is the cause of most of the pain, guilt and war in this world, and the wars we seem to be eternally caught up in should be redirected at abolishing organized religion in all it’s forms.

Every  media outlet in the West is happily showering us with   photos of oppressed refugees (if it bleeds, it leads..)  fighting to live, literally, and  often failing.  The many drownings  and horrors of  displaced persons from war torn areas cannot help but remind me of a similar problem around  70 years ago, in Europe, when the war-displaced wandered, helpless, searching for  help from the  ugliness of  post war trauma…and Europe, and the West,  responded…

Now, it’s  above these petty concerns for the Vatican, which infamously back in the day made a deal with Hitler to  ignore the plight of Jewish refugees…  where was all the forgiveness then, Pope?

Instead of proselytizing  about  what women freely choose to, why  not concentrate your pontificating energy  on the refugees, the  children who still live, why not spend some of those  millions of  Vatican-hoarded  dollars to  aid and assist  in the  situation as it stands….or  is the Church  just  disinterested in mostly non-Christian, non-white refugees; children or otherwise?

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Powerful Boys Caught With Illicit Toys….

Today (August 24, 2015) no referring back to any specific  media  stuff…only some thoughts on  something in the news  that  makes me crazy…and no, this time, it isn’t Stephen Harper…

I am  listening to the  news while on the computer, and the story about the Ashley Madison  hack  is being trumpeted as the possible cause of two alleged suicides, with police  chiefs  trumpeting their horror and anger about the hackers, and threatening to track them down and prosecute  them…really?

Where was/is all this righteous indignation in the face of the  growing numbers of missing and murdered aboriginal women?  You know, actual murders, kidnappings  etc?

One  cannot help but wonder if any of this chest-thumping over an execrable  site for  cheaters who don’t have the stones to be up front with their partners would even be happening if it wasn’t for the fact that, as usual,  powerful men are  involved, their personal ‘business’ out there for all to see…if it had been a site  where women were vulnerable,  what sort of impact would that have had on the news?

Imagine  the pressure on the police and the MSM to  somehow  make it all go away…pathetic…

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Harper’s Hapless Harbingers…There’s Your Trouble…

Stephen Harper says ‘subordinates’ not responsible for Nigel Wright and Mike Duffy’s actions

Conservative leader faces questions arising from senator’s fraud trial, for 3rd day in a row

By Susana Mas, CBC News Posted: Aug 14, 2015 1:01 PM ET Last Updated: Aug 14, 2015 5:26 PM ET



“…You hold people responsible for their own actions; you certainly don’t hold subordinates responsible for the actions of their superiors.” Stephen Harper

Okay, Harper, if we continue with that sort of rationale then  Nigel Wright, your subordinate at that time, should not be held responsible for the actions you must have signed off on, since you are too much of a control freak to let something like this big ol’ cheque to cover Duffy’s sins go by without your approval…problem solved..
Mulcair is right..Nigel Wright is on the stand, but Harper is on trial…

Nigel might be willing to take one for the team, but no one is fooled….and  the beat goes on.  By the time that Duffy’s lawyer is finished, the entire PMO will probably be implicated as complicit..Oh, and some  Senators and members of the Conservative Party too…

Funny how your past efforts to discredit  similar sorts of payoff schemes engendered by Liberals, decades ago, come back to haunt you, eh, Emperor Steve….?

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A Prophet Is Always Without Honour In Their Own Country….

NDP candidate Linda McQuaig’s comment on oilsands stirs up hornet’s nest

Linda McQuaig says ‘a lot of the oilsands oil may have to stay in the ground,’ in calling for environment

The Canadian Press Posted: Aug 09, 2015 10:25 AM ET Last Updated: Aug 09, 2015 11:51 AM ET



Gee, a politician telling the truth, for once.Mulcair would do well to bring her to the forefront once he has been elected PM.
Yes it’s tough news on oil sands jobs, mortgages in Alberta, etc. Try getting some sympathy from those who have lost everything in other sectors, like West Coast fishing, lumber, manufacturing jobs gone to Asia from Eastern Canada, etc. etc.

We have got to stop destroying the environment or there will be no future for anyone, and even dim-witted Liberals and Cons have got to accept that, sometime. Never mind the ugly moonscape created in the North by this horrible industry, the rivers polluted, the animals destroyed, the health of the indigenous population compromised, right? It is always and forever about money..

Here’s hoping that Notley and crew start to turn things around by helping to  steer the working population into viable alternatives, because, like it or not, those oilsands have got to be shut down sooner rather than later, and even the rightwing whackjobs whingeing about it know that it is no longer even economically viable to keep the extraction going.

Here’s a little addendum to my rant, if anyone needs convincing on the environmental degradation of the oilsands:

Syncrude bird deaths, Nexen pipeline spill show oilsands’ degradation of ecosystem: First Nation

‘Something is seriously wrong,’ says Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation

CBC News Posted: Aug 09, 2015 11:56 AM MT Last Updated: Aug 09, 2015 1:27 PM MT


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Dunce Cap Blowout for Emperor Steve…

Capping oil well blowouts within 24 hours too expensive, says Ottawa

Shell Canada Ltd. given up to 21 days to contain subsea blowouts

The Canadian Press Posted: Aug 06, 2015 11:23 AM AT Last Updated: Aug 06, 2015 11:23 AM AT

This headline  all by itself should make any Canadian shudder, but if that isn’t enough for you,  try reading the article, which states that the US has just signed an Alaska agreement with Shell that forces the company to have a 24 hour response to blowouts…thanks, Emperor Steve, you have finally reduced Environment Canada to a shrill shill for  the oil barons…and to hell with the Canadian voter.

Too expensive?  Then go somewhere else and  destroy the environment, Shell, or, better yet, invest  all your filthy lucre in alternative fuel delivery systems and earn your  karmic keep . Between this  disaster waiting to happen and the fact that now  that Parliament has been shut down,  Harper  may have to  testify at the Duffy trial after all, things are not looking so good  for  our own private Bilderberg wannabe…

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