For All of you who need some light reading…

This is as much of an Intro as anyone will need ..

Born in California..a boomer,  hope not typical, but for you to decide..

Emigrated to Canada in ’72..

Graduated from Simon Fraser university in ’88..English major..go ahead, sneer..

Retired from my ‘career’ as a city worker in Vancouver in 2009..

Moved to Vancouver Island, still here…

I want to write (and rage) about politics, attitudes, social justice, the environment, the

absolutely depressing way that we seem to be heading like lemmings back to an inglorious past..

Is the old cliche “it’ll get worse before it gets better” applicable in our lifetime?  Does anyone except a small group  anywhere care at all?

I do, and hope to assist in provoking such human variants as armchair socialists, greenies, veggie fascists and ‘liberal’ richie riches to comment or at least think..

but especially, act…I am old and fat now, and probably not capable of those muscular protests I used to engage in, but will put

my arse on the line to  stop (for instance)  Harper in general (Canada) and Enbridge in particular..all the while

wishing that the greenies would get off their collective rears and start vocalizing on something, anything, besides the environment..

and not simply accede to their leaders’ obvious Conservative bent in all other things except the environment..

There that should (hopefully) provoke someone …


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