The Emperor Strikes Back….

Emperor Harper has announced that there will be changes to the Old Age Pension plan..with many assuming that he means to up the age of redemption by 2 years from 65 to 67.

From a strictly personal point of view, this really blows…

A bit of personal history – just for background on  why this is a bad idea for many of us:

I retired at 61 , not because I had a fabulous nest egg socked away, but because I could no longer do my (very physical job) at the same level that was expected of me.  By leaving early,I incurred a penalty of -30% on my Canada Pension Plan,  and a big chunk of my work pension was in the form of a ‘bridge’..which was about $400.  This disappears when you turn 65, and the OAP, in my case a bit less than $400, is designed to kick in, so that you do not lose money  on your fixed income.   If Emperor Steve gets his way, and the Old Age pension  redemption age is kicked up to 67,  I will be reduced to  whatever subsidized housing (routine 3 year waits) I can find, and be  in the foodbank lineups along with many other seniors, at the very least.  I will no longer be able to afford the meds I need to keep breathing..a problem with no solution, as we all know, when you can’t breathe, nothing else is important..maybe that is the plan..

On a national level, this is absolute financial genocide for all but the most wealthy seniors in our country…and anyone who thinks that $400 is not a massive drop in income has been living outside the real world.  As it is now, I am getting by (just) and any effort I have made to supplement my pensions has been less than profitable, or even a break even situation, so far…I’m trying to imagine what kind of insanity this will bring down on those who are less able than I am to even make the effort…

I’d like to close by sincerely thanking any of you idiots out there who voted for this monster..


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3 Responses to The Emperor Strikes Back….

  1. bothandeach says:

    Right on. We need everyone across Canada to scream at these clowns. I’m so ashamed as well as angry. I’m 63 and remember when this was a good country.

  2. JJ says:

    Ditto the right on.
    Harper is making a big mistake: seniors are powerful, and they’re the only demographic that votes consistently and Conservatively. Fuck with them at your peril. When they start “Occupying”, politicians will know FEAR.

    As much as I enjoyed seeing Occupy Wall Street rise up last year, what I really wanted to see was thousands of middle-aged investors who got screwed in the crash down there with pitchforks and torches. “Jump, you fuckers, or we’re coming in after you!” Lloyd Blankfein thinks he’s doing “God’s Work” — I’d have that 1% money-sucking vampire bat prick doing a perp walk.

    And that’s my rant for tonight! Over.

  3. Spot on with this write-up, I really think this web site needs rather more consideration. I’ll probably be again to read far more, thanks for that info.

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