That Sweet Stench of Hypocrisy…

I find it fascinating (and even edifying) to juxtapose headlines from various media, and wonder at the gag reflex thereby obtained..

The CBC  online ‘News” had three stories, in particular, that were gag-worthy today..not to mention totally insane on a level

not to be believed, but we should never take this sort of thing lightly…

Firstly, an article about that classy billionaire,  David Ho, a man who hired away   BC gLiberal mouthpiece Ferret-Collins

to run his soon-to-be-defunct small plane enterprise, quaintly named “Harmony Airlines.”  Apparently Mr. Ho has a penchant for telephone-hiring hos

of the sex worker variety, one of whom,  after attending him at his home, was forbidden to effect, kept prisoner, or kidnapped, in legal terms..

After fruitlessly trying to get outside help, the woman in desperation climbed over a fence to escape and broke her ankle in the process..

Ho was just sentenced to- wait for it- one year’s probation, a $5,000 fine (remember, this guy is a billionaire) and 45 hours of community service…

Gee, and anyone else who kidnaps anyone else (anyone else who isn’t a sex trade worker, that is) would get a far stiffer sentence, years of jail time at least…

Right next to this was a feature  about some slimeball from the Fraser Institute declaiming on the ‘fact’ that there is no income gap in BC…and next

to that an article about a woman ‘stuck’ in Nanaimo Hospital, because not only is she homeless to start with, but she has multiple health issues and

there is no place for her to go to receive the care she so desperately needs..this after the massive closing and privatizing of residential care beds

all over the Province has weakened the system to the point of almost forcing privatization (which is, of course, what these Cons and their lackeys want in the first place.)

Now let’s take this dog’s breakfast of competing issues and see what we can stir up…the rich really are better than you and me, and when they are very bad,

they aren’t horrid, and are given ‘sentences’ that would make a Renaissance monk selling pardons to the wealthy blush…

The Fraser institute is given credence by the only thing that a Canadian has left that they thought they could count on, the CBC…which of course, must

now suck up in a frenzy to the Cons to keep those tax dollars rolling in…and a woman who cannot even be placed contextually for her issues in the land

of universal medicare because our two governments are busy destroying the system we pay for so that their rich donors can take over…

Nope, didn’t even bother reading the rationale by the Fraser “Institute”  representative…and, I’ll bet, neither did you…


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3 Responses to That Sweet Stench of Hypocrisy…

  1. bothandeach says:

    Glad you notice the CBC being the only thing that gives the Fraser Institute credence. And they’ve done this for many years, the idea supposedly being to be fair to both sides. The CBC started to go to hell around twenty years ago, I think.

  2. JJ says:

    Unfortunately, the CBC is the juiciest target there is because a lot of people on the conservative side really hate it. I know not why. I have always found it to be a neutral and intelligent news source.

    The only time I’ve ever seen them show any real bias was during the last 2 US presidential elections, when they were clearly hoping for a Democratic government and some sanity south of the 49th. But that just reflected what most Canadians wanted (even some of our more moderate conservatives). I wonder if we’ll be seeing any of that in the coming pres. election.

    I like my news non-partisan-flavoured, and generally CBC has always delivered for me. When I want TV news, I go to Newsworld. I find it utterly depressing that they’re being jacked around by the government to the point where it’s affecting their editorial content.

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