Trashing Obama for being practical…what’s your point?

I am so over the so-called US  ‘progressives” trashing Obama and his campaign for rationalizing the use of Super Pacs…what on Earth do they expect, that the President will continue to roll over for the Repgs and ‘baggers who have, thus far, had the lion’s share of the media’s spotlight  all bought and paid for by obscenely wealthy corporate interests?

I find it astonishing that a few crazies running for the Republican challenger in the next Presidential electon are achieving almost 100% of the  media’s attention, while a relatively miniscule  number of wingnuts and religious right fascists actually go tohe rallies in various States, and even fewer actually vote…the sum total of which  shows nothing but the huge divide between the candidates, the Party, and the voters…no one has even a glimmer of hope of actually capturing the imagination of the populace at large, yet they keep blowing and crowing, carefully coifed and made up, making self-congratulatory speeches  as if in fact they had really succeeded at anything…all on the dime of  the wealthy, determined to somehow break that Obama spell…

And what happens?  The Dems get castigated by their own for employing the fund-raising tactics of the Right, arguably the only thing that Repugs are really good at..

The truly sad truth is that the corrupted Supreme Court has decided that corporations are people, and that Super Pacs are just fine…so castigating the President for adapting to the new reality serves no one, and only offers help and relief to the Repugs who are dancing with the ones what brung ’em…
The best way to show the right that these tactics are self-defeating is to adopt them, not to simply roll over and accept them as a given, without a fightback.
First you bring up the fact that, without the Super Pacs, Obama managed to raise several hundred million for his last campaign…how is that not just as depressing as a SCOTUS ruling for corporations…? The fact that money does indeed help to win elections is not lost on either side, and crying about it now is the equivalent of sour grapes.
Instead of trying to get some sort of good footing on those slippery slopes of cash, Obama is merely going along to get along… do we progressives like it like that? Maybe not, but it’s hard to take the moral high ground when the electorate sweeps it out from under you by supporting the Repugs and their puppet masters in Congressional votes…
If anything this should be a real wake up call to those who are too lazy, depressed or shiftless to bother voting…use it or lose it…


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One Response to Trashing Obama for being practical…what’s your point?

  1. JJ says:

    Good one…
    The Citizens United decision is a prime example of being “careful what you wish for”.

    Republicans, with corporate backing, have always been better at fundraising than the Dems, and it was likely assumed that Citizens United would help them. And it has… but not enough, thanks to the Obama fundraising machine, which is truly awesome.

    This year O will spend over a billion $ on his (almost certain) re-election, something none of the turkeys in the GOP lineup can hope to match, corporate donations notwithstanding. Obama has Wall Street in his pocket because he can threaten them with regulation and investigations and — one hopes — arrests for the mess they made in 2008. You could see a glimmer of this in the announcement he made today, forcing the banksters to cough up for their illegal foreclosures. (26B is a drop in the bucket for the banksters, but as a portent of things that might possibly be coming it was a good symbolic move for O.) But he is a Winner, and Wall Street will always side with the Winner, regardless of ideology.

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