Even BC Paranoids Have Real Fears….

After all the schmoozing between Emperor Steve and Crusty Clark, our unelected ‘Premier,’ my mind wanders to the inevitable scary possibilities.. Today in the news, Harpo is quoted as saying that he will push that pipeline through, no worries…this, while environmental impact studies have not begun, and talks among those with vested interests have shown that there is 100% agreement from those involved, that they will never support  this travesty..

If we look at some of the other headlines here in Canada, especially BC, we find that teachers’ contracts and bargaining position are being ‘studied’ by a supporter of the gLibs…no surprise there, they want to be seen to be ‘reasonable’ before they force legislation down our teachers’ throats…

Meanwhile, our s called justice system is barely afloat, thanks to Campbell’s Convenient Cuts in the past..there is a shortage of every kind, from sheriffs to court reporters to judges, not to mention the closing of various regional courthouses..Crusty pooh-poohs the critics, stating that crime stats are actually down..never mind the political crime of denying and delaying justice for those who languish in the system for months..she’ll ‘study’ the matter..politicalese for ‘circular file’…

Convenient for her and her new partner in democratic crime, Emperor Steve..when they start locking up anti-pipeline protestors, there will be very few judges to rule on bail, etc. If you keep dissenters locked up (Steve has learned well from his Chinese connections) then dissent melts away…Anyone  willing to bet that Crusty has been promised a juicy  Federal position when she loses the next election? I’d be willing to give odds that this little ploy is already in the works…after all, Gordo got rewarded for his crimes against the Province by his juicy appointment to be the ambassador  to Britain…sorry, not much room left for empathy for the British…

We should all keep in mind that a certain German candidate was freely elected by his people…the last time an election was held there until the Fall of the Third Reich…

Am I being paranoid? You bet….


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2 Responses to Even BC Paranoids Have Real Fears….

  1. bothandeach says:

    I’ve been calling him #Adolf Harper on twitter for about a year.

  2. JJ says:

    If you’re not paranoid, you’re not paying attention…

    The oil pipeline issue isn’t something I know much about, to be honest. I read what I can from bloggers who kind of specialize in environmental stuff (like Regina Mom, you’d like her), and now you, but otherwise I’m fairly ignorant on the matter, so I generally don’t comment on it. But from what I can see, it seems to be the usual “tear the environment apart for profit” routine… good in the short run (jobs) but pretty horrendous in the long run. (Not that I’m opposed to companies making profits — that’s what they’re there for — but sometimes they’re frighteningly shortsighted, and this seems to get worse every year.)

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