Rule #1…I rule…

Having lunch with a friend I just caught up with after many years of changes, we started discussing our respective blogs, and how it’s probably a great idea to keep your personal stuff hidden away from trolling eyes..including your gender..

Historically so many women have had to hide their gender to be taken writers,  or painters who wound up being trivialized as the lovers of other artists without  receiving any lasting credit for their work…Berte Morisot comes to mind, my favourite of the women Impressionists, who most people have never heard of,  yet she influenced Manet, and exhibited with Degas, etc.  as an equal, at least in their eyes…the image on the left (where else?)  is a portrait of Manet, done by Morisot

Let’s not even get into the drag kings, such as Joan of Arc, who cut off her hair and dressed as a soldier in armour to lead the troops for a King who exploited her and deserted her when she needed him…then there’s the writer George Sand, a sensation in her own time (pants and smoking in the 19th century?  What horror!) Whatever…it’s pretty normal for women writers to use initials for first names and disguise their gender so that they get an even break from critics and readers..and some of us even do it today…

I’ve been advised to,  shall we say, not make a major point of the fact that I’m female, in case some fool troll might consider me unarmed on some level…I say bring it on, it’s way past the point of no return on that little tidbit of info..   but it’s really kind of sad that in the 21st century we have to even consider this insanity..The GOPhers in the States are whining about birth control and abortion again, and how female soldiers shouldn’t be  in combat situations, and  how women who are raped should just suck it up and deal with a possible pregnancy…didn’t we fight for the right to control our own bodies (and I thought we won…?) Guess the struggle will always continue. But  not in this blog, I’m gonna just treat it as a given that I am just as good and just as badass as anyone else, gender be damned…


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4 Responses to Rule #1…I rule…

  1. bothandeach says:

    I should have looked at the other comments first, but I very much like what you say. I didn’t realize you were a woman for a while, and then did, and it made it better for me. It’s a complicated issue but you’ve got, for my nickel (only being a guy), the correct attitude. You’re much like the kind of women I try to hang around with where I live.

    Meanwhile there are politicians so concerned with themselves and boy-games with other nations (*some* women do this too! .e.g Hilary Clinton) and / or sating their best friends’ greed – that they have almost guaranteed we will all be burnt to a crisp / starve / devolve. Getting angry.

  2. JJ says:

    Just as good and just as badass. Bwahaha. Right on.

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  4. It truly is sad that there is a perceived need to hide our female gender in 2012. Thanks for the great article.

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