A Prophet Definitely Without Honor…..

In the comments section of  an article on Ron Paul today in Huffpost, someone argued that a ‘real’  libertarian (whatever that is) wouldn’t be running for the Repug nomination. Instead,  he was really someone with ‘liberal’ values..

Ron Paul is a bigot, not a ‘liberal’ value since I last checked, and he’s running under the TRep banner for a reason..it affords him free publicity and he’s deluded enough to think that being a convention spoiler is enough, for now..and might afford him some position of note in exchange for support of whatever delegates he thinks he can muster.
I wonder at the intelligence of so -called libertarians that think that two of his talking points, get out of the war and decriminalize marijuana (both of which I happen to agree with) are enough to give him support to run for Prez…it’s not that simple, nor should it be, and many of his other ‘ideas’ are repugnant…just like all the other Repug ‘candidates’…

With so many one-issue sheeple, who, if they gave it a split-second’s thought, would never support him based on all his ideas (but love the fact that he wants to legalize pot) yee-hawing for Paul,  it makes anyone sane enough to see the whole truth fear for democracy and any sort of civilized discourse…

A thoughtful analysis of the ‘field’  left as posible candidates for the Repug primary seems like a total write-off.my guess is that Paul thinks he can go away, and come up the middle, if there is a draft of someone like Christie or Jeb Bush…yeccch…

Won’t know ’til the helmet-headed over-made up Repug lady sings, but it would really be nice if all those so-called Independents would go cold turkey on their one-issue dependence and take a realistic look at the possibilities.


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One Response to A Prophet Definitely Without Honor…..

  1. JJ says:

    Other than his ideas about drugs and war, Ron Paul is no progressive. I don’t know if I’d call him a “fake” libertarian, but his views on abortion and some other social issues are anything but. However, I guess you could say that as long as he opposes the government imposing laws about these things on the populace, then he’s true to libertarian values in spite of his own personal beliefs.

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