Harper, the King of Denial

There is still a big discussion going on here in Canada re the robo-calls made by suspected members of the Conservative, or CRAAP party, during the elections, to

falsely redirect potential voters to polling stations not there own..These calls were made in 40 ridings (the list so far) and many were recorded, leaving the PM

with no outs.Interesting, Crime minister Harper’s response to these allegations..he almost laughed..
The point for all you CRAP trollers out there in comment-land is not whether or not these calls affected the outcome of the election, but the fact that this action occurred at all.
An attempted robbery without the acquisition of monies from the victim is still a felony, conspiracy to break the law is also a serious offence..and enough of these calls were actually recorded to make Harpo’s defense look pathetic, indeed..since Elections Canada is financed by the gov’t, it’s just as hard to trust an outcome from them as it is the very tainted RCMP..
By-elections in the ridings where these offences occurred is the only acceptable outcome in this situation..that and a reveal of, and firing of, those who participated..too bad we cannot find a way to demand the same of this government, since every Canadian citizen is painfully aware of the fact that not one single Con takes any sort of action without the express order of our control freak PM…I wonder if we as a nation can ever regain our high position in the eyes of the rest of the world after this sort of ugliness is tossed into the public domain.

A little glossary for any non-Canadian readers out there:

CRAP – Canadian  Reform Alliance Party- or the Harper Conservatives (as he modestly calls them)

robo-calls (in this case) – automated calls made to send potential voters on a wild-goose chase to an incorrect polling place, most of them in ridings where

the actual vote was very close, thereby possibly affecting the outcome..


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One Response to Harper, the King of Denial

  1. JJ says:

    When big USian bloggers like Balloon Juice are talking about it, it’s bad. I mean, they’ve got the GOP and they’re taking time out from that cornucopia of clownery to comment on our politics? Ew.

    It reminds me of something I saw on Conan O’Brien about the Stanley Cup riot. He remarked about how these weren’t the “nice Canadians” of old, but some ugly new breed of Angry Canadians.

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