Limbaugh- America’s Sweetheart

All over Canada and I suspect in the US as well, there has been much talk and speechifying about bullies….

Limbaugh has just said some unforgivably stupid and ugly things about a legal student who spoke at a hearing on insurance coverage through the workplace for birth control…but I didn’t even raise an eyebrow..this sort of ‘discourse’ is what most of us have come to expect from the Right in the  US, and are (not) looking forward to here in Canada…

And now everyone not of a neo-fascist persuasion is ‘appalled’ and shocked, and all that …etc etc…

What did all you pearl-clutchers out there expect from this disgusting excuse for a man? That she would be feted?..
This is a bully’s move: never attack someone who is willing to defend themselves, and calling people ugly names? The sort of childish, perverted, ugly response that we should be expecting..
I am ecstatic that this is happening, (although I feel badly for this law student who just may have her first lawsuit gift-wrapped right here)..perhaps, just perhaps all the mental midgets that listen to Limbaugh and his sick-making ilk will learn a little something about what is going on in these rants..and disassociate themselves, finally, with this creep…

Nah, must be dreaming….


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3 Responses to Limbaugh- America’s Sweetheart

  1. JJ says:

    This could get interesting. No matter what their ideology, the fathers of young women are not likely to be impressed with one of their cohorts insulting Ms. Fluke in such a slimy way. But I suspect they will find a way to “blame the victim”.

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