Air Canada’s Pilots Scrutinized by the CRAPers

And here we go again… not content to agitate us further by unnecessary fancy “fighter” planes that are already said to be not the greatest, a touted prison system that privatizes and therefore over-regulates to keep profits up for the CRAP’s pals..oh, and robo-calls to skewer the elections, now we have the threat of interference in another labour dispute
So Canada’s version of Arizona’s Jan Brewer, Lisa Raitt, is squeaking about Air Canada’s pilots, who of course have a perfect right to strike if they so choose…
All I can say is that these jokers must be angling for a General Strike, because they are interfering provincially as well as federally in a number of issues…none of their business, but they are happy to play puppeteer to willing provincial Premiers like Crusty Clark, already trying to legislate our teachers into oblivion here in BC…Gonna get my sign-painting chops out of the closet and exercise them in anticipation..


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2 Responses to Air Canada’s Pilots Scrutinized by the CRAPers

  1. I think a general strike is in order. After all, it has been almost 100 years since the last big one….

  2. JJ says:

    General Strike! W00T!
    The Crappers want to do anything to get the public’s mind off how they stole the election… eventually they’ll be pointing up to the sky going: “Look! It’s Halley’s Comet!!”

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