Say No! to Enbridge, a little Donnybrook coming to a Canadian West Coast near you

Here’s  something I was requested to share on Facebook, and i’m happy to do so…it’s a great symbol for the expressed unity of First Nations people and everyone else opposed to this toxic concept, and a fittingly scary trope for all that this pipeline concievably represents..
Artwork by Andy Everson, NorthWest Coast First Nations Artist

We don’t want it here, end of…hear that Emperor Steve?  No matter how much you dick around with the Fisheries Act, or shorten  and thereby invalidate enviromental investigations of corporate projects, no matter how much money China or any other shareholder in Alberta’s filthy oilsands throws at you, we shall not be moved…

Hope you are ready for the fight of your political career…you are certainly going to get it..

On a personal note, I’ve been pretty much sitting back and observing things since I retired in ’09…but I’m definitely ready for a fight, whatever form that may take, ‘legal’ or not…and I know that people of all political stripes here are horrified at the thought of our beautiful West Coast being sullied once again by an oil spill..we can’t handle it, don’t need another one…we don’t want to know…and I am more than willing to take the fight to ’em when notice, I didn’t say ‘if’…it’s coming and everybody better get ready for it..


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