Tempest in Ontario…those Gawd-lovin’ “Christians” are at it Again…

The perfectly rational (and legal) decision to forbid the handing-out of Bibles to students in a Ontario, Canada town has sparked an uproar, with vast amounts of  hate mail directed at those in charge, not excluding racism and other assorted forms of bigotry in these brave, anonymous missives..pardon me while I snicker audibly…

What if they were handing out the Christian Science Monitor? Or the Koran? After all, they are ‘just books’..and I would be glad to find a Koran, Torah, etc. in public, or even school libraries, so that kids can do a bit of research (if they choose) and decide for themselves…
But when the Bible is handed out and not all the others, there is something wrong.. no religion should be taught or force-fed to children in public schools, and religious schools should receive no public funding for the same reason.

These so called Christians only parody an obtuse version of what their prophets taught them..and turning the other cheek ain’t high on their list..

What is really sad is that it would have hardly come to this if it hadn’t been for the media focus on rightwing nutjobs in all their colourful diversity…not…

Funny..in the rest of the world, the religious are identifying more and more with the Left, for reasons obvious to anyone who knows what the Right stands for.. yet

in North America, the opposite is true, and the Christian Right are managing, thankfully, to keep their numbers low and getting lower by these sorts of  tyrannical tactics.


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