We’ve Only Just Begun…

Emperor Steve and his nightmare circus clowns have deemed it the ‘cost of doing business’ to redress the pushback that his Enbridge  dirty deal has caused..necessary and desirable to offer up to profit mongering the possible destruction  of  the West Coast’s environment..and we are, happily, prepared to take him on. His reduction of environmental review bodies fools no one; we all know that he wants to fast-track his rich friends’ interest, and could care less about those of Canadian citizens who absolutely and resolutely have told him no..native groups, academics, even those from his own side of the fence..not to mention US State governments, who also want no part of the fallout from spillage to feed China’s need for sludge….
The petro-dollars will have a rocky road to traverse before they ooze into BC, if they ever do..but once here, the real fight begins…and the CRAPs will be dead in the water, come the next election….

As someone who is retired and has little to lose in the way of personal responsibility to an employer as such, and who can, if necessary, fight with my body (thrown in front of a grader, say, or march on a line) as well as my mind.  I think that I speak for many ‘grey panthers’ when I say that the voting base that Harpo considers that he owns will surprise him with their pushback.  His economic arguments , just like  the right-wing whackjobs south of the 49th, hold absolutely no  water…and we want to keep our water, both salt and fresh, as clean as possible…

The CRAPs may have pushed Suzuki out of the organization  that carries his name, and they may ignore all the treaties or non-treaty land agreements in place or disputed territories, but here’s my forecast for the years to come,  you corporate whores: stormy weather, as stormy as anything you could have forecast – and a political ploy that will bite you in the behind now and in the future…to paraphrase the  famous John Paul Jones quote, we have not yet begun to fight.


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