The Home Ahead….

I have long been attracted to the small house movement…it seems so perfectly revisionist, as in re-envisioning the necessary and the devolve from what we are programmed to think we need.  I really feel as if this is my distant or perhaps not-too distant future..finding a bit of land to temporarily rent to park my little house/caravan/trailer whatever on and never have to worry again about a landlord telling me not to paint or  cleaning vast rooms full of dust and little else of value..

Someone in the comments section of HuffPo, where I found info about this wonderful documentary, called it “viewing house porn;” yes, okay, but I think this gypsy-driven fantasy of mine re freedom and the open road makes me think I would like to do this…When I am wiling to give up all my stuff…
That day seems to be coming sooner, rather than later..interesting that so many involved in this are either very young, or very old..those starting on their journey, who haven’t acquired much, or seem not to need to..
And, finally, like me, those who are in the last third of their lives, who know that sloughing off that which does not seem necessary is the best way to en-lighten yourself.

Apologies for the link..if you like go to U and  link up with Kirsten Dirksen


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2 Responses to The Home Ahead….

  1. site says:

    very beneficial stuff, all round I imagine this is worthy of a book mark, thanks a lot

  2. MoS says:

    Some years back James Lovelock wrote that a key to surviving the 21st century is for mankind to adopt a strategy of “sustainable retreat.” In other words we must, each of us, get smaller, reduce our environmental footprint, so that others might also live. That’s the reality of living on a finite planet with finite resources, especially vital renewables. Once your consumption exceeds the renewal rate you’ve entered the League of Easter Islanders. We’re already in that club even if most of us don’t realize it. If you haven’t already checked it out, take a look at the Global Footprint Network. I suspect Earth Overshoot Day this year will arrive in mid to early-September.

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