Let’s “Just Do It”

There has been a call from several mayors of municipalities  here in British Columbia, Canada to legalize marijuana…the arguments for it are essentially that they are tired of fighting against a mega-tide of grow-ops and drug dealers who are far richer in resources and weapons to push back than the cities can afford to be, and they are right…

Never mind the stupid morality arguments and the dubious health ‘risks’ that don’t even begin to be as ‘risky’ as smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol, or eating too much salt or sugar…

Looking at the economic arguments alone, even the CRAPs* should be able to discern a valid rationale…they keep offloading the costs of everything onto the Provinces*, which, in turn, merrily offload them onto the municipalities – which have a finite number of choices for raising taxes, such as fuel surcharges and business or property taxes…
For example, policing takes a huge chunk of Vancouver’s municipal budget, and the city, and others, should have the right to use their hard-won tax dollars to improve the lives of taxpayers, not simply try (and fail) to fend off the encroaching drug overlords who are getting wealthier by the minute, due to this pointless ‘war on drugs’….witness Mexico..can it be much longer before it turns into competing “interests” hiring mercenaries here, and in the States (already happening there, in border towns) to shoot it out in the streets? What will the Feds do then? Of course, that’s just a fantasy, right?

Canadian Glossary

*CRAP- our pet name for the ruling Conservatives…stands for Conservative Reform Alliance Party…what they are composed of (a coalition of rightwing whackjobs from different ‘groups’ called Conservative, Reform, Alliance (Party), etc. ad nauseam….

*Province – just think of it as a very large State, a la the US


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