On Irony….

It is more than just a little ironic that the first black president in US history is hesitant about giving support to the  concept of legalizing, or legitimizing, the right to universal  marriage .

I hate the term ‘gay’ used as some sort of blanket coverage for LGBT issues, as if  such a light-hearted term could begin to cover what this community has been put through over the decades, and, in fact, continues to suffer at the hands of its fellow citizens.

I have spent more than a little time reading about Abraham Lincoln, watching good but inadequate media ‘specials’ on him, etc, and it’s beyond ironic that the man who had, shall we say, a very personal dis-affinity for black people, was the man who finally signed the Emancipation Proclamation.  One cannot help but compare this with the first black presidents’ obvious discomfort with the wholehearted support of  marriage for all people…why?  Are there ‘personal’ reasons?  Religious arguments (let’s hope not, the separation of church and State is enshrined in the US Constitution)?

Whatever it is, whatever the reason, Barrack Obama’s hesitancy is duly noted  and found wanting by those who support him for a second term…what is his problem?

Perhaps someone should point out to him that he is not in office to let his personal feelings guide these decisions..but to represent all the people..

I never have seen the point of state-or church-sanctioned marriage, and never will.  Coming from a family where each of my biological parents married and divorced at such a rapid rate (each, multiple times, before I was 18,)  that I was thoroughly cynical about the ‘institution’ of marriage at an early age…I still feel the same way.  But I would fight for anyone’s right to destroy their personal lives by virtue of their inalienable right to do so…no matter what their race, religion, or sexual orientation…no matter what their gender…

Hopefully Obama, like Lincoln, will finally come around  to the same conclusion..

UPDATE: Good, he finally did it…now that didn’t hurt much, did it?

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