Old Farts Unite! You have nothing to lose but your teeth or vital organs!

Today on the CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corp, to the center of PBS or Knowledge Network) posted an article about the fact that although promised, there is still no Senior`s Advocate position  set up, nor has anyone even been considered, much less appointed..Okay, nothing to see here, folks, just the Lieberals being themselves (the slimy dog-licking snakeholes that they are)  and the article comes with what has become the requisite ranting and whining of the (mostly ) young re  their horrible lives, with everything ruined by the old folks, leaving them in the lurch…sound familiar?

Sure..but, to be expected..the younger ones seem to enjoy whining about the ‘legacy’ left to them by earlier generations..but they rarely vote themselves, just bitch about it after the fact…
Yes we do need an advocate..as a non-rich or rapacious boomer, although I always voted and did my bit when any political or social adversarial position was warranted, now I’m expected to take on the burden of the rightwing whackjobs who are destroying this country? Sorry, I’ll do what the generation did before me, pass the torch and hope that this generation of non-voters comes up with still another miracle…because we’ve run out.
We’ll never see an advocate until after the election, and then only if the NDP win…which, hopefully, my lousy generation will make sure happens..since we can’t rely on the young for anything but whingeing about their rough deal in the world…suck it up boys and girls, use it or lose it……


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One Response to Old Farts Unite! You have nothing to lose but your teeth or vital organs!

  1. JJ says:

    LOL, good one.
    Coincidentally, I just read (yet another) whine about “greedy baby boomers” who’ve apparently ruined life for the young… I’m becoming increasingly borrrrrred with this attitude. Who the fuck do they think was out protesting to get them the rights they enjoy today? Oh yeah…

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