Plenty of Jobs in Alberta (Alberta!!!) says Emperor Steve’s Puppet, Flaherty

Here’s good ol’ boy Flaherty warning Canadians that EI will be  changed to reflect Alberta and Saskatchewan’s need for labour…as if the government was financing EI in the first place..

They aren’t – it’s financed by employers and labour…not that this has stopped any government from tinkering with the program to bolster their philosophy…

“That means we are going to have to encourage more persons with disabilities to work, more seniors to work, more aboriginal people to work, including young people. We need to get rid of disincentives in the employment insurance system to people joining the workforce.” Flaherty

And…wait for it…legalized serfdom just around the corner…. This is the kind of bullshit spouted by someone in thrall to corporate interests, who want the largest number of acquiescent employees for the least wages…and Emperor Steve’s minions are more than prepared to throw Canadian job seekers under the unemployment bus to make sure that these Corps are accommodated… And, once again, thanks to all you morons who voted these creeps in….

It’s not just the job, Flaherty, it’s that no one, and I mean no one, wants to up stakes and move to Alberta, that glistering beacon of right wing whackjob know, walk East from BC till you smell it, then go South until you step in it…Saskatchewan?  Hmmm…..

Amazing the way he throws the disabled, seniors and aboriginals under the same bus…

It’s as if all that chuff re changing the Social Insurance pension  down the line may as well happen now…after all, if you keep forcing seniors to work (especially at these implied labour jobs) they probably won’t last long enough to collect…a win-win!!

As for the disabled, well, they aren’t exactly slacking off now- every indication is that they want to work, but cannot find suitable employment for their skill set….but instead of funding training programs for  the disabled or seniors, it’s much easier to threaten them or vilify their very existence by grouping them together as somehow criminally responsible for their own age or condition…

Aboriginals, from everything I’ve read,  aren’t exactly  being eagerly sought by employers, either, but  I cannot see how lumping them in with the disabled and seniors is anything but offensive and insulting, something that the CARPs are always willing to throw out there and then act surprised when there is pushback…

It never occurs to CARPs to ask themselves why it is that in an era of high unemplyment (relatively speaking, in Canada) these jobs go begging…

Could it be that there are a finite number of (at the risk of sounding  discriminatory) healthy young people who can up stakes and move to  East Nowhere, Sask. or Half Horse, Alberta?  Are they going to try and force those who are unfortunate enough to be currently without a job to relocate to an undesirable and unaffordable place, just to accommodate their corporate donors?  Looks like that is exactly what they are going to try to do….


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