Feds Shipping Their Trash to BC…..

Disgraced RCMP officer transferred to B.C.

Sgt. Don Ray admitted to sexual relations with subordinates and harassment

CBC News

Posted: May 23, 2012 5:37 PM PT

Last Updated: May 23, 2012 9:33 PM PT


What is it with the Feds? Are applications to join the RCMP so thin on the ground that they have to keep ‘reconditioning’ those found to be miscreants and just shuffle them off to the West Coast?
Fire him! He’s a part of the reason that the RCMP (Randy Canadian Mounting Police?) are gaining such a hideous reputation..
Thanks, but here in BC we have our own set of Federally-sanctioned creeps doing their level best to destroy whatever good will the Mounties had left…we don’t need any more riff raff from Alberta, the ones in Ottawa are more than sufficient to destroy our lives…

I’m guessing (but it’s an educated guess) that the transfer is a way of slapping us in the face for being such West Coast granola-slurping back- to- the- Earth pipeline-protesting  non-CRAP voters…after all, where better to dump the Alberta refuse than here on the Coast, where the CRAP constituency is shrinking by the minute…

As for this joker no longer  dealing with the ‘public,’ it wasn’t the public he was sexually harassing, it was his sister officers…who will still be exposed to his nefarious habits…being a creep means never having to say you are re-habilitated….

Maybe he should join a seminary..he’d be welcomed with open arms…


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One Response to Feds Shipping Their Trash to BC…..

  1. JJ says:

    Oh no, they send all the weirdos & creeps out here. Like we don’t have enough of them.
    And freaking lazy, too. Ever tried to get a cop to come out to your place? The last time I got broken into, I had to practically talk them into coming out here — I needed them for the insurance claim, otherwise I wouldn’t have even bothered calling the dimwits.
    Then they get here and tell me if someone breaks in while I’m home, I should defend myself by hitting him over the head with a lamp… RIGHT. I can think of more effective ways of neutralizing the creep.

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