A Really CRAPpy Agenda….

Brian Stewart: Why are we eliminating the CSIS watchers?

By Brian Stewart, special to CBC News

Posted: May 31, 2012 6:55 PM ET



Following in the ‘footsteps’ of the Con’s agenda to gut the environmental legislation we currently support, and other laws intended to keep the people’s protectors in check, no one should be surprised at this next nasty attempt to subvert the democratic process…

The CRAPs are doing this for the same reason that all dictators do it..to distance themselves from responsibility from the dirty tricks they intend to perpetuate…look at Assad in Syria, according to his government, he isn’t ordering any death squads, why, these ‘goons’ were in civvies, couldn’t have been his army or secret police…
No oversight, no exposed agenda..
When the Cons decide to impose anything on anyone opposed to their methods, they can simply say that these ‘patriots’ were acting of their own volition..kinda like the Pinkertons of old bad times who broke up union picket lines with violence and yes, even murder..all State-sanctioned….
Classic rightwing whackjob agenda, use the taxpayers’ money to finance their own private secret police…
A fantasy? Maybe….

In the meantime, the CBC better chill, Big Stevie is watching you….


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2 Responses to A Really CRAPpy Agenda….

  1. I know. If only were different: 90% of Canadians don’t pay attention.

  2. MoS says:

    There may be a sinister method in Toews’ madness. Harper is about to unleash CSIS on the Canadian public. “The Integrated National Security Enforcement Team” (aka the Northern Gateway pipeline minders) came into operation at the beginning of June. It incorporates CSIS, RCMP and Edmonton and Calgary police members into a task force to identify and monitor pipeline opponents. That Harper would unleash intelligence operatives on law-abiding citizens is outrageous but to be expected of the Prince of Darkness and his minions. And what better way to ensure that CSIS doesn’t have to answer any awkward questions about its methods and activities than to free it of its own minders.

    BTW, nice blog.

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