Ugh, Wisconsin…any Lessons Learned Here at Home?

I just read that 35% of Wisconsin union members voted for Walker; anyone who thinks that union members here in Canada wouldn’t do the same sot of thing (if they bothered to vote at all, another discussion, I know) doesn’t know union members very well…as a retired union activist who knows full well that even getting a small quorum at a union meeting can be like pulling teeth, the fact that those members who did vote in Wisconsin voted for the man who was destroying their contracts, wages and benefits makes me crazy with frustration…but not surprised.
Union members are not terribly well educated, for the most part, and are actually quite conservative (I’m talking the rank and file) when it comes to most social issues.
Unless and until the unions are prepared for a big fightback, as well as consistent ongoing education of workers who seem quite  reluctant to learn anything new, I’m afraid that this sort of insanity will become the new normal, and it won’t occur to these workers what a good thing they threw away until it is too late…pathetic, isn’t it..but then, Harper got a majority, something I never thought I’d see here…guess it’s just a question of time…


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One Response to Ugh, Wisconsin…any Lessons Learned Here at Home?

  1. JJ says:

    Freaking amazing, isn’t it… and frustrating…

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