Will Women Ever Wake Up?

Nechemya Weberman, Orthodox Counselor To Hasidic Community, On Trial In Sex Abuse Case

By COLLEEN LONG 06/10/12 06:53 PM ET AP

Here’s an informative little missive from Huffpo today that is a discussion of a woman who finally spoke out about being abused by, yes, you guessed it, her ‘religious’ advisor…not again?  Oh, yes, again, and , surprise, surprise, he  is being shield by the ‘community’ and she is being ostracized…let’s all gasp in freakin’ horror  at the shock of it all…

Is there a single orthodox (read: fundamentalist) religious organization that doesn’t protect abusers? Let’s see, we have Jehovah’s Witnesses who don’t accept that their members abuse children, Catholics, obviously, their priests apparently have carte blanche when it comes to little altar boys,  and let’s not even discuss the abuse of women and children in Muslim societies…now, it’s Jews?
I can remember when I was young that plenty of Protestant preachers were too touchy-feely for my liking too..and let’s not leave out the splinter groups of Mormons who believe that multiple ‘marriages’ to children is a great excuse (read: fundamentalist rule for getting into heaven)  to sexually exploit them.
And religious types wonder why the Western World is becoming secular…

Between the rightwing whackjob politics and the blatant cover-ups of those who commit felonies against children, it’s difficult to see what these organizations have to offer except heartache…

There seems to be no end to the abuse of women..and now the States are finding ways to put the clock back on the reproductive issues that affect women, not to mention all the State sanctioned insanity re pay equity…
But the really pathetic thing about all this is that women, despite the blatant abuse inherent in all these ‘religions,’ keep on supporting them….makes me crazy.


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