Quebec Should Stop Apologising For Speaking Truth to Power…

I am really, really tired of Jewish organizations condemning everyone and everything as it relates to the ironic use of fascist salutes, arguments and rebuttals..
Like it or not, the term ‘Nazi’ and the salute made so famous by Hitler’s sheeple has become part of the lexicon..and there isn’t much anyone can do about suggest that anyone who uses either the term or the salute is somehow insulting the memory of Jews is to forget that the power of this WW2 horror is not only alive and well, but needs to be remembered, even if only at second hand..these students meant no disrespect to the memory of the Jews who were imprisoned and murdered, but they did mean to show disrespect to leaders who would manipulate and abuse them for political gain, and I for one am happy that Quebecers have the stones to protest, instead of whingeing away at home every time a rightwing whackjob tries to pull another assault on our democracy…
Nazism was the very antithesis of what we purport to represent, and people better get used to the fact that the term and the ‘salute’ have become part of the shared memory of the world…and just to clarify my position, I am a descendant of Jews, many of whom were abused or died or had to leave their countries for the simple reason they were Jews..I get it, I honour their memory, and by keeping the hatred for the symbolism alive, I think that the students do honour to those who were slaughtered


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3 Responses to Quebec Should Stop Apologising For Speaking Truth to Power…

  1. First, the irony could easily be lost on some. I’ve heard enough antisemtic comments during my time in Quebec, including at Université de Montréal (“mon petit juif” used to be quite a common expression in Quebec), that when I saw these folks, I thought they were in favour of the National Socialism movement. Once I realised they were being ironic (a journalist explained), I thought, well, Charest is no NAZI! That is completely over the top. It diminishes their argument.

    The Charest government is posting things like the hike is only 50 cents a day. But the population isn’t that stupid and they can recognize when someone is trying to pull a fast one (I’ve worked in sales). And that, of course, works both ways.

    • cityprole says:

      And that is for you to decide, but the police are certainly not behaving in a non-Nazi way, and the pro[aganda machine of the Nazis had nothing on Charest…
      My point was not to argue the merits of whether or not Charest ‘deserves’ to be called a Nazi, but whether or not people could learn to accept the ‘gestures’ i.e. the Nazi salute , and accusations of fascistic behavior as being
      valid for use today. I feel strongly that they can..and yes, I too have been subjected to anti-Semitic sentiment, and, it too, is part of the lexicon…e.g. someone “Jewing” you down on a price for something, etc etc. When it is a friend, I point out that this sort of thing is childish and unacceptable, when a stranger, I ignore it..being big and a redhead, no one who stereotypes Jews ever fails to assume I’m as Aryan as they come…

  2. In addition to Jews an other groups, many leftists, who there these students counterparts, also where killed in Holocaust. They where usually the first to go.

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