And the “I didn’t Vote” Whingers are at it Again….

As the proverbial  dust settles on our raped and pillaged Canadian democracy, there are outcries everywhere about this drastic rewrite of our country’s laws and protections..

How many of the whiners out there actually voted, and if they did, voted for the Tories?

Bet they won’t be too quick to admit it now..even the seniors, supposedly Harpo’s stalwart supporters, got royally jerked around in this omni-bus crash of a bill..and the arrogant Emperor Steve laughed all the way to the final vote.

I would like to congratulate the Opposition for putting up as good a fight as could be expected, and by doing so, introducing your braindead constituents to the real contents of this so called Budget Bill…one by one, in great depth.

Apparently Tory MPs, frightened to death of being identified but willing to talk, said that they were hearing from upset voters in their ridings…too bad they didn’t have the stones to cross the floor and be open about this dissent.

Let’s be honest here, most Canadians don’t even vote, so the paltry 40% achieved by the CRAPs constitutes a majority..that says more about Canadians than any obfuscation on Harpo’s part…like I always say, when it comes to democracy, use it or lose it!

Painful as it is, we deserve what we get…and what we vote for..and for those who can’t even be bothered to vote, or educate themselves to vote intelligently..keep hiding your lazy heads in the sand..and when they come for your job, your pension, your environment or education..don’t come whining ….


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3 Responses to And the “I didn’t Vote” Whingers are at it Again….

  1. Lorne says:

    I think the fact that people are just starting to wake from their long slumber makes it even more important that all of us do whatever we can, whenever we can, to educate and motivate as many of our fellow Canadians as possible to engage in the democratic process.

  2. Skinny Dipper says:

    “[W]hen it comes to democracy, use it or lose it!”

    We don’t live in a democracy. How can we lose it? Which major party will strongly advocate for proportional representation?

    • cityprole says:

      Something else that is up to us to push for..why is it that every party is expected to have every answer..consultation with enough interested parties should encourage them to legislate the change..if we push hard enough..
      The problem is that it is a participatory democracy that not enough citizens are participating in..and so the only thing that changes is the erosion of our rights…and we are letting it happen…that’s what I mean by use it or lose it..not just referring to voting, but actually getting out there and helping to make it happen..

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