U.S. Conference Of Mayors Passes Pro-Choice Resolution-today in HuffPost

This is very heartening, and flies in the face of what Repug-led States are attempting with their regressive anti-women stances…
I’m happy and relieved to see that the entire country hasn’t lost its mind…
Will this make a blind bit of difference in the next round of elections?
One can only hope that more women get out there and support candidates who refuse to kowtow to the rightwing whackjob agenda..none of us want to return to a state of being where we are, once again, less than second class citizens..merely baby machines pumping out cannon fodder for all the Repug wars…

I’d like to personally thank the mayors who voted for this resolution, and I would hope that they would be actively involved in fighting against  the tactics of the Cons and legally challenging any sort of restrictive legislations that Governors try and force down the throats of women in any State…


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