What, me worried…?

Are you worried about increased surveillance at airports and borders?

The Canada Border Services Agency will soon monitor travellers crossing the border by land and air using high-definition cameras and microphones to listen to conversations, CBC News has learned.

Considering the obvious, there is probably already stuff out there recording our every move..especially with Emperor Steve at the helm, our privacy and ‘rights’ are so much garbage to him and his jolly band of ConClowns…
England has this sort of surveillance everywhere now, and they seem to be no better at stopping the criminally inclined than anyone else..
Surveiliing people to death is no more effective at combating crime than the death penalty, and will probably only encourage police to harass anyone for anything even remotely thought of as a possible ‘threat’..any little comment will be up for grabs as a ‘terrorist’ threat…just like our bodies are now legally open for any and all prurient interest with the advent of exploring our personal space via X-ray machines at airports…
I hope anyone who voted these creeps in is beating themselves up as they read this…
But don’t quote me…Big Brother might be watching (listening)…


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