Neil MacDonald: Try a little self-censorship on for size…

ANALYSISNeil Macdonald: Is self-censorship fueling Alice Walker’s Hebrew halt?  (CBC this morning)

Mr. MacDonald, with all due respect from someone who has Jewish cultural roots, you are letting your ‘fondness’ for your time in Israel cloud your usually sharp judgement..
Canada has been blindly following Israel’s lead with no perceptible discussion of what is wrong, while Harper, who claims to want to increase trade with China, has no problem commenting, even in the weakest sort of way, on human rights issues there..but no critique of the new apartheid regime, evident in the Berlin-like wall between the countries, and the concentration camp-like conditions for the Palestinian people, with bans on any sort of outside help…and let’s not even discuss that they were instrumental in bolstering the South African apartheid regime by selling them weapons, when the rest of the world had blacklisted S.Africa…
What part of Alice Walker’s hesitation do you not understand? I applaud her decision, and think that you and McKay and all the rest of the Israel apologists in Canada should take a second look at what Israel’s government is doing, and continues to do, with no fightback from North America, before you chide Ms. Walker for her choices.


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