WorkSafeBC employees get controversial $1,400 bonus

Labour leader defends WorkSafeBC bonus


Jim Sinclair –   a coronation every time he runs for office..and now advocating against those who pay his  very comfortable salary?

Sinclair should do some consulting with union locals other than the WCB…he would ‘discover’ that many  injured workers are sent back to work too soon, and often either re-injure themselves or are out for even longer terms because their condition worsens..
Our unions are spending an inordinate amount of workers dues trying to advocate for these workers who are ‘encouraged’ to go back to work as soon as possible – usually by being threatened with a cut off of benefits and pressure as well from employers who have no medical degrees to back up their frustrations, but rely on doctors on retainers to advocate for employers, not workers. I lam commenting from personal experience sof this system, and was forced to retire early because I could no longer physically do the job..I also, as a union activist, have first-hand experience of watching many members being forced to come back to work before they should, and my own physician  wrote a very effective letter to WCB re their practices…and I was lucky..many workers fight and do not win, and many fail  to achieve any sort of relief.wayside,
The fact that there is a ‘prize’ for sending injured workers back underfunded and, at times, against even their personal doctors’ orders, should be cause for an inquiry, not a reason to celebrate and hand out bonuses.

Coupled with the new Federal rules that say one may not be eligible for the  CCP until 67, one can only guess why unions aren’t actively fighting this rule, since it will cause many problems for older workers in labour jobs..the supposed attempts by many public and private employees to  give easier jobs to physically  challenged workers, who have ruined their health in their quest for a paycheck, will now be severely compromised, and more and more workers will be leaving early because they can no longer physically perform the job, after years of  working…now this?

Certainly any decent labour activist, whether public or private sector, should be shocked and aggrieved that Sinclair has  erred on the side of those who couldn’t care less about the health and welfare of workers.


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