Bob Paulson, Emperor Steve’s New Minion

Top cop concerned with Mounties airing problems in public

RCMP Commissioner says bill will help end ‘outrageous’ behaviour

“1984, knocking at your door…”
What is it about the CRAPs that their supporters like? Must be the fact that they are impressive sweepers…of bad news, directly under the rug, never to see the light of day..
There was a very tiny ray of hope that the    boss wouldn’t be the same as the old boss, concerned only with shallow image issues …but no, the first major ‘concern’ that Paulson takes to the media is the airing of grievances…and yet another egregious bill, to stifle  his  officers. Talk about a recruitment bonus! Tell us all, Paulson, what sort of people will be attracted to such a neo-fascist organization now?  Oh, wait….

That’s right, Bob, hide that corrupt behavior and do some Con-style damage control..that is all you were really appointed for, obviously.
Strike another blow for democracy ..we are so far back in the pack when it comes to open government (and overseeing the behavior of the RCMP) that we look like just another banana republic.. same circus, different clowns…


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