Enbridge Pipeline Spoof is “Revised”

Dan Murphy is a cartoonist for the Province newspaper,and  here in BC,  it is common practice to castigate the corporate agenda of rightwing whackjobs, sometimes in the media,  whatever the East may think of the West’s support of the CRAPs..

Now that ability to laugh at, and thus negate the power of, Enbridge and other oil vampires, is being compromised by a weak-kneed publisher who is concerned that advertising dollars will dry up because of  Murphy’s vid…here’s a link…


Surprise, surprise, the Provincial Enquirer, the most  rightwing rag of all the rightwing rags in BC, kowtows to Enbridge…
Actually, the only surprise here is that they published it in the first place, and they better never again act ‘horrified’ when  extremists freak out over Western depictions of Muslims or their religious beliefs…all hail our new overlords, Enbridge, who shall, henceforth, decide our fate with no petty cartoonists to get in the way of their corporate fascism….and who, apparently, deny that any threats were made..yeah, and I’ve got a fabulous deal on  a (En)bridge…


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One Response to Enbridge Pipeline Spoof is “Revised”

  1. That was such a good video….too bad dissenting opinion is no longer okay in this country.

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