Obamacare..why should we?…..

So, the Supreme Court  in the US has ruled…and Obamacare, such as it is, is ‘safe’ for now…

This decision means, practically, nothing regarding a tax, since if one reads the bill, carefully, there are no penalties for not buying in…Medicaid is still in place, as is Medicare, provided, (and here is where it gets interesting) that within a certain time frame, the States opt in to the program, with big Federal subsidies coming their way…if they don’t, they will be financing these programs on their own…and I think it’s a great start, but no, not nearly the same as in Canada, and Obama realizes that it is just a start.
Their ‘public’ medical service is strictly for the “less fortunate” and seniors;  in some ways is better than ours, such as prescription costs,  but the bulk of medical insurance is still done through private companies, and even with this new plan, will cost employees in the hundreds per month…
A big breakthough for the States, hardly worth mentioning in Canada, comparatively speaking..but the rightwing whackjobs will still be squealing, nonetheless…


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