Clown Circus Strikes Again!

Cross-border shopping  rules hit Canadian stores


Although I empathize with some small independent retailers, victims of their inability to achieve the vast purchase power of the big multi-national chains, in fact it is well past time to blame gas taxes, etc, for your retail woes..
When companies charge (often 2/3 more) for the same item that a few miles across the border can be achieved for so much less, is it any wonder that those who live near the border take advantage?
The only thing that is a head-scratcher is that the CRAPs, biggest supporters of business (in their own hype) are sticking it to retail with this one..and not just stores. Gas stations, hotels, restaurants all will feel the heat…and you just know that most of the owners of most of these businesses voted for Emperor Steve and the krazy clown circus..ironic, or what?

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