It’s 40 below, and I don’t give a ….

Stampede celebrates 100th anniversary

For all those barbaric yahoos who enjoy torturing animals for fun, entertainment, and most of all – can keep your little circus…leave the rest of us out of it.. CBC..perpetuating this anachronism is beyond belief..if you polled, nationally, I think you’d find that most Canadians would not be interested in this sort of  Stompede ‘entertainment’. And I am in BC, so enough with the Quebec insults..the “West” doesn’t end in Alberta, but the delight in this sort of ugliness, thankfully, does…. I am seriously considering  not reading the online CBC in the future..or at least as long as Emperor Steve remains in power..the brown-nosing is beyond pathetic, and seemingly all in the vain hope that the MotherCorp won’t  be completely gutted by the CRAPs…keep up this rightwing whackjob propaganda, where  the abuse of animals is ‘celebrated’ by Harper’s idolatrous followers, and you minions of the Con circus will have little to fear…well, except the existential loathing of a majority of the Canadian public


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One Response to It’s 40 below, and I don’t give a ….

  1. sassy says:

    Such a strange species humans are that they celebrate a festival (of sorts) around the torturing of animals.

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