B.C. minister t…

B.C. minister tours Haida Gwaii, surveys tsunami debris

3-day fact-finding mission aims to survey debris first-hand


Wow..three days?  Really?  I’d love a three day jaunt to Haida Gwaii, don’t get me wrong, but  sure wouldn’t ask the BC taxpayers to cover it in the guise of “fact-finding,” but, hey, that’s just me…

Here’s something for your study..the way forward in a nutshell..all levels of government will have to kick in, and probably a large barge or two hired on which to place the debris and haul it away..volunteers are great but they should not have to bear the brunt of the tsunami of debris that has not yet arrived, so hire some people..and pay them decently for the hard work ahead…
See, I did that without any plane jaunts, photo-ops or government plugs to be seen to be caring…which, as everyone in BC knows, is just gLib-speak for put it off ’til after the next election and let Dix deal with the aftermath in 2013, which will be much worse…this is deja vu..anyone remember Rita Johnston throwing election goodies around, in a pathetic attempt to win votes? Didn’t work then, won’t work now, either..bye bye Crusty, and good luck to the people of Haida Gwaii getting any assistance from the two clown circuses we seem to be saddled with for the present….

Another commenter suggested a lottery to help cover costs, and I’d be happy to get involved in that…if the poor poor governments feel there isn’t enough cash in the coffers to cover it…


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