Alberta: NOT the “West”

I am always bemused by the CRAP trolls that infect the comments section of all media relating to anything happening in Canada..they are vituperous, lacking in logic, and fond of attacking Mulcair with ill-disguised ignorance of who he really is, and what he stands for..but the really annoying part of their diatribe is that they insist on stating that the “West” feels this way or that, the “West” hates Mulcair, etc. etc. ad nauseum…
Got news for all you flat earth rightwing whackjobs…the “West” doesn’t begin and end with Alberta….there’s this wee Province commonly referred to as BC, y’know, the “West” Coast…and we do not agree with practically anything that Alberta’s government says or does, certainly feel no mass hysteria when it comes to Mulcair (a mild curiosity, perhaps) and are pretty much committed to fight that pipeline thing tooth and nail, blood sweat and tears…to say that Harper’s “base” is in the West is a pathetic joke..he is roundly despised here on the “West” Coast and hasn’t a prayer of being re-elected with a majority, if we have anything to say about it..unfortunately, we usually don’t, due to Ontaio’s slavish support of Emperor Steve, for reasons we cannot fathom…
We would like to remind the rest of Canada that Alberta generally speaks and threatens and snarks well above its fighting weight when it comes to number of votes….and there seems to be no mass migration there because it is such a fabulous place to live..BC?  Fortunately, this IS a fabulous place to live, and as soon as we shed our own clown circus in a few months, we will emerge less embarrassed to acclaim ourselves as the “West”….


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2 Responses to Alberta: NOT the “West”

  1. the salamander says:

    Well said.. goes directly to the fact that Canada is huge.. diverse.. astounding.. precious.
    Stephen Harper and his odd cabinet stooges, hacks and party reflect Canadian values
    approx to the extent an alligator in a Toronto sewer might reflect west coast marine biology.
    They speak for themselves and their patrons and sponsors in an extreme, shallow and disingenuous capitalistic way. (some say in an evangelistic or oddly aristocratic way…)

    I live in Ontario.. Have worked in Alberta and BC, Saskatchewan, Quebec ..
    My family came from Ireland, to farm Manitoba on my grandmothers side and work the BC railroads, and to Ontario on my grandfathers side. We stay out of politics.. yet stay alert regarding rabid political animals.

    I hope you regain honest political balance in BC.. I think you have far better chances that Alberta does.. what with Harper seemingly declaring himself a ‘Westerner’ .. and I expect Joe Oliver will surely decide he should move out there too. Protect your environment against all comers.. and especially against carpet baggers from the east wearing cowboy hats. Good luck if the frackers become entrenched.. Try to rebuild your logging and mill industries.. rather than seeing it all sail away to China.

  2. Art says:

    For what it’s worth, Alberta isn’t monolithic either. There are a lot of us in Edmonton, and even other parts of the province who don’t vote Tory, and don’t fall for the right wing scream machine.

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