Faddening Up the Support for Spy Bill


Online Surveillance: CSIS Chief Dick Fadden Supports Lawful Access Bill As ‘Vital’ To National Security- from this morning’s Huffpost Canada


Here we go again..the slinking of these circus clowns towards a fascist state looms ever closer..and CSIS is ‘happy’ to see this legislation being pushed onto  a continuously wary but helpless Canadian populace….why wouldn’t CSlS be happy? And who is it running this gang of Keystone Kops, what do we know about him?
The really ironic thing is that we all know (or, at the very least, suspect) that CSIS is already monitoring what we do and say online, whether legally or otherwise, just as they did with wiretapping in the past…there is only a legal coronation of their nefarious methods to be made by Emperor Steve and his whackjob minions to make their overweening abilities ‘legit’ left to seal the deal…Vic Toews, Harper’s eager lapdog, is happily shredding our legitimate liberties in the name of “national security’…..whatever that constitutes in their paranoid little minds….


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