Take a little Time out of Your Busy Schedule……

Romeo Dallaire, possible the only ex-Armed Forces biggie I could ever have any respect for, is sponsoring this petition to bring Omar Khadr home…it’s well past time for this to happen, and as usual, the CRAPs are acting as though the issue didn’t exist, because it doesn’t suit their agenda to do any thing but let him rot in Gitmo…

If you haven’t already (and I’m betting you haven’t) consider signing this petition…

As crass as it sounds,  our Klown circus may just consider doing this to get their poll numbers back up from the abyss..here’s hoping…in the meantime, although I have grown weary of online petition signing and the flurry of donation requests that usually  follow, this one is a biggie, IMHO…

It ain’t much, but  right now, it’s something we can all do to move the process along, so please consider what it would be like for you or someone you cared about, being promised release and yet continually incarcerated  for what was left of his childhood, all because of a hinky claim, never proven…..



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