Crusty’s Last Stand….

B.C. seeks ‘fair share’ in new Gateway pipeline deal

Province lays out five criteria for all new crude oil pipelines


After all the BS, Christy Clark has, once again, shown that the leopard never ever changes its spots….

This was your last and final chance to seriously prove you are a member of the human race, Crusty, and of course you screwed it don’t object to the pipeline for the blatantly obvious (to everyone else) reasons of safety pollution and greed at the expense of the integrity of our West Coast, oh no, it’s all about loot…?
Whenever I think about Jean Chretien, who admittedly drove me nuts in any number of ways over his many years in politics, I really only care that he did the right thing for his country, and kept Canada out of Iraq, which I and millions of others will always be grateful for…what have you done, but rape and pillage a la Campbell since the sad day you won a by-election (barely) in Kits?

You make me nauseous, and although I’m saddened by your cheap stunt of witholding your official support for this travesty until now, only to undermine expectations and once again act like the carpetbaggers you and your government are, have to admit I’m not surprised…. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya…


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