Alberta Adds the Royal “We”…..

Alberta dismisses B.C. demand for more pipeline revenue

Just like Dear Leader Harpo, Alberta is taking on the royal “we” in declaring that BC’s cop out Liberal greedbag of demands are “not in the national interest”…who are they to pontificate on the national interest? Crusty Clark’s ridiculous capitulation aside, you have the rest of the Province here to deal with, and she’ll be gone in a few short months, relegated to the dust heap of BC political ¬†history…
If Alberta were all that fanatical about preserving this nation, they would build refineries and stop kowtowing to off shore interests…
Instead, they sell off our resources to the highest foreign bidder, and expect the West, the real West, BC, to shoulder all the risk…good luck with that ludicrous pipe dream, Con clowns, we will NEVER give in on this one….


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