Hundreds of women join RCMP harassment lawsuit

While reading through the comments  posted under this article re the pending RCMP harassment lawsuits, I ran across one comment that was so stereotypically unenlightened that I had to respond..the poster stated that he “was much more interested in finding out if the RCMP were going to be charged with various illegal incidents that some have been charged with, since in his mind, these allegations of harassment of women were of the misdemeanor variety…

I too am very interested to see if those RCMP  members are held accountable for any of several charges re aggravated assault, undue use of force, etc etc…but injecting this in the discussion of f over 200 female workers alleging harassment, and stating that you are “far more interested” in what you perceive as more important issues, simply reflects the problems the RCMP are guilty of…let’s assume that you are a male commenter…I think I’m fairly safe in that ‘assumption” since few if any women would deny the importance of these allegations…if the RCMP were targeting your almighty manhood, questioning you re your orientation, and making coarse jokes and intimidating you at every turn while all you wanted was to do your job…wonder how long you would last?
The fact that harassment is an insidious, and often permanently damaging form of abuse, is seemingly lost on those who have never experienced is an ‘adult’ version of bullying, and we all have read about those who are so negatively affected by bullying that they take their own lives, rather than face it.. that brings me visions of someday someone having the guts to charge bullies with conspiracy to do bodily harm..
Why is it that harassment of female officers and civilian workers is any less a ‘crime’ than the other forms of violence perpetrated by members of the RCMP? Why is it  still,in the 21st century, in good old “kinder, gentler” Canada, that harassment of women is still treated as some sort of practical joking that ‘went wrong?”
Harassment is no joke, and if I sound somewhat bitter , it’s because I went through this BS 20 years ago, working in public service (but not the RCMP), and I hate that it seems we as a race of supposedly sentient creatures have not progressed very far past the knuckledragger stage.


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