Fishing For an Alternative….?

How You can Have Your Healthy Environment and Eat Farmed Salmon Too

Sue Scott, from the Atlantic Salmon Federation, has a column under this heading,  in HuffPo today. It’s a bright-eyed discussion of dry-land  closed-pen salmon farming, and considering who she is representing, I had to read it and comment..

I think that in conjunction with new laws prohibiting open-sea salmon farming, this might be a great idea..and is being done successfully in Scandinavian countries..also, as a source of new international business, it would be a plus for the Province. With wild stocks disappearing (and we all know why, arguably) this alternative might improve the chances of wild salmon’s  rebirth as a truly viable local option.

Unfortunately, the current BC government is in the pocket of those open sea fish farms, with a tight, tight hold, so nothing much will be done unless and until we get a new government that believes that going greener is not only better for the environment, but economically feasible and even profitable..getting the multinationals  who mostly own and operate the farms, and seemingly have no interest in maintaining healthy wild stock, to force change is the tough part..
I’ll stick to wild salmon until that day comes..


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