Target-ing The Canadian Market

6 U.S. retailers set to invade Canada’s malls


Still another article on CBC online  regarding the Americanization of the retail sector here, as if anyone even cared, anymore, besides the corporate brotherhood scavenging for whatever scraps are left after our manufacturing sector was ravaged and replaced by a tsunami of cheap imports from Asia..but how do you continue to profit from consumers  (many unemployed in the manufacturing sector, laid off by the self-same corporate swine who now  seek to profit from their offshore workforce’s labour)  who can no longer afford to consume?  Answer: you sell, resell, and the pyramid slowly but inevitably crumbles..

All those Canadians who flock across the border for US ‘deals’ will continue to do so…and that’s a big part of the problem.
If Canadians made a concerted effort to boycott those stores that do mark up their products above US retail, we’d be saving the retail lives of what’s left of our own stores…but good luck with that.
Remember, too, that the death of Canadian retail means lower-paying jobs, and few if any benefits..thus lowering our standard of living further…and completing Harper’s agenda of destroying unions and the secondary benefits they have of raising standards for all, including non-union workers…I can remember when department store salespeople had decent-paying careers…now? A bunch of uncaring, minimum-wage slaves (and who can blame them ?) with no benefits, unpaid overtime, and a lack of commitment to their mcjob….
I will continue to buy from the source (read: handmade) and at thrift stores, which always do a rip-roaring business (and they’re green) in my local communities. For me, regressing to the past when consuming was thoughtful rather than obsessive, when it aided and assisted those of my neighbors who produce quality goods such as those selling food at Farmer’s Markets..or handmade the easiest and most fun thing I can do..

You find that you don’t really need to have a closetful of everything, but that a few beautifully made things sustain you..same with locally grown, delicious food..

I read, often, that the ‘underground’ economy is getting larger all the time in North America, and it makes me smile…..


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One Response to Target-ing The Canadian Market

  1. Beijing York says:

    Nice entry and positive reaction to this big box invasion, cityprole. I have never stepped into a Walmart and in general, try to avoid big box chain stores. opting for locally owned businesses while they last.

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