Dis-honouring Our Homemade Monsters

Here’s a headline from CBC online today, talking about a sticker campaign to point out the hypocrisy of naming things after history’s deviates. In this case, the target is former Lieutenant Governor of BC Joseph Trutch..someone who  purposefully practiced his evil on our First Nations people, for a start….

Sticker campaign targets ‘racist’ B.C. lieutenant-governor

Naturally, all the apologists of trolldom are out there commenting vigorously about the uselessness of the campaign…it was all so long ago, who cares, isn’t there enough to worry about now…etc etc

Look at it this way, if our streets were named Hitler Road, Clifford Olsen Drive, Paul Bernardo Way, etc. no one would question the argument against it…

People like Trutch, Dunsmuir and many others were imperialist monsters of the worst sort, and the fact that one has to look at their names every day glorified in streets named after them seems to bother no one who is unaware of BC and Canadian history…remember, those who forget or discount history are condemned to repeat it..
What passed for a ‘hero’ in Edwardian times is truly a zero now…why not change some of the names of the worst offenders and stay true to our progressive country’s real values? We condemn racism and bigotry elsewhere in the world, so we should not be content to let the ignorance of our own past make us hypocrites.


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