Substance or Celeb?

In HuffPost Canada today, a discussion of JT possibly running (yet another one) complete with

treacly compliments from our Libera and Con controlled Press… that makes Justin Trudeau sound more celeb than wise politico…which makes lots of sense…

Justin Trudeau Leadership Bid: Warren Kinsella Says He’s Running

Ah, the Press, the Press, the gawdalmighty Press, slavering speciously at the Trudeau turnstile, pontificating fatuously on JT’s personal assets, while avoiding the obvious minuses…does he have anything remotely intelligent to offer? Ideas about youth are wonderful, but mobilizing them? The few who are willing to be active seem taken by the NDP, and idealism without structure and point by point policy is useless stuff….give us some substance along with all the gooey rhetoric about his hair and looks…
Haven’t heard a word out of his yap about the Enbridge pipeline issue…or, really, anything substantive..if he waits to make sure he’s picked, he’ll wind up in the lineup behind Dion and Michael Who?
The truly intelligent thing for him to do is wait..I’m willing to bet that even Justin would rather see an NDP as minority or majority Fed leaders, rather than muddy the waters so that Harpo and his Kaucus Klowns can once again come up the middle…


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