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Welcome Home, Omar…..or not…

Khadr eligible for parole next summer, lawyers say Let no one say that there be no trolls in this day and age…just read some of the comments at CBC online regarding Khadr’s repatriation…   This man was railroaded at 15 … Continue reading

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Crusty Does Alberta…

B.C. premier heads to Alberta for pipeline talks Christy Clark and Alison Redford to discuss Northern Gateway concerns CBC online, Saturday Sep[t. 29, 2012     I cannot believe how delusional this woman truly is..why would she go to Alberta … Continue reading

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Rona, are You Paying Attention?

Democracy 101..When a person of either gender is elected to office, and then appointed to a Ministry, (s)he is obligated to vote based, not on personal belief, but on the verifiable will of the people…further, as a Federal Minister, that … Continue reading

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Son of a Son of a……….

Justin Trudeau to run for Liberal leadership Son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau was coy all summer about leadership intentions CBC News Sounds like a   bunch of ex-Libs posting at CBC online  today..most acting as if the NDP … Continue reading

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Off With Their Heads!!!

In HuffPost  Canada today: Mask Ban Bill Nears Final Stage In House Of Commons LOL…what a joke this government is..what about face paint, or glasses, noses and moustaches..? Or, let’s say, false beards? Wigs…clown shoes? Look out drag queens, you’re … Continue reading

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What Would Neil do?

Neil Macdonald: A mighty nation, frightened by an angry mob – So called analysis at the CBC online site…with, of course, the usual diatribes against all Muslims, everywhere, in the Comments Section…is it any wonder even the minority of fanatics … Continue reading

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RIP Premier Lougheed….and Education in Alberta

Is it just me, or is Alberta getting more and more insane all the time? Must be all those bitumen fumes..where else would a teacher be fired for doing his job? Alberta is guilty of a whole bunch of disgusting … Continue reading

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