Get Chicken Little on the Phone!!!!!

Did intelligence fears prompt Canada to cut Iran ties?By Brian Stewart, CBC News



Shades of the 1950’s, McCarthyism and the Red Scare!
One would think that we were in the middle of the so-called Cold War, and that the Commies were hiding under the beds, once again….
Really, Harpo? Is this sort of thing even acceptable behaviour in the new Millenium, is it really necessary?
I can remember diplomats being chased back to their respective countries (like the USSR) for supposed spying in North America, and let’s be honest here, we were dong the same, but no one closed embassies or threw out embassy staff because of a vague feeling of unease…this is total pandering to the Israeli government, and has once again made Canada the laughingstock of the world…congrats, Harpo, Joe McCarthy and Barry Goldwater would be proud…Levant must be dancing a little jig…..

Now Stewart opines the  “intelligence” thinking is that aggression against Western targets is “imminent” if Israel attacks Iran…well duh!  And what on earth makes our Keystone Kop government so secure in assuming that it would be diplomats pulling the trigger?  If this analysis is true, and it might be, I’m sure that any rebuttal attacks are already in place…if they are there at all.  The very idea of “discouraging” Israel from such insanity never occurs to Harp’s Klown Baird at all….or, to be honest, that hero of democracy,  Obama……

Remember, Canada has a large and vibrant Iranian community scattered across the country…and, just like the Japanese, will they be rounded up and put in concentration camps, too?  This is the sort of thinking that is going on in our (sadly) elected officials right now, in 2012…even the traditionally paranoid US isn’t doing anything of the sort…

Harpo loves playing Mafia games, so how about “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”?

Harpo makes the hapless Romney look like a smooth diplomatic force to be reckoned with, by comparison…


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