RIP Premier Lougheed….and Education in Alberta

Is it just me, or is Alberta getting more and more insane all the time? Must be all those bitumen fumes..where else would a teacher be fired for doing his job?
Alberta is guilty of a whole bunch of disgusting things in regards to the environment and ignoring the health of citizens in the quest for the almighty petro-dollar, but who knew they had legislated dumbing-down the potential workforce..genius, really, for when they sell out completely to foreign interests and Albertans face a bleak future as low paid oil serfs…easier when the population is too ignorant to protest..sounds like you’re well on the way, so congrats, Alberta! Just a few more regressions and you’ll be giving Arizona a run for its money…

It’s a bit early for turning in his ‘grave’ but I would bet that Peter Lougheed will be, soon….

As  stubborn and tyrannical as he seemed, at times, he would have never countenanced such shenanigans…I’ll say this for him, he was all about his Province, not just the bottom line…the Cons in Alberta are unrecognizable from those of the ’70’s…


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2 Responses to RIP Premier Lougheed….and Education in Alberta

  1. Cal Waters says:

    If you knew anything about education, you would know that what happened to this teacher could unfortunately have happened anywhere in Canada. You need to stop stereotyping Alberta and Albertans as ignorant hicks. Doing so only exposes your own ignorance of the people and the issues.

    • cityprole says:

      If you knew anything about education anywhere else in Canada, I doubt if you would make that statement…as for ‘stereotyping ‘ Alberta, well, if the oil-stained sell-out environmental disaster- shoe fits…

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