What Would Neil do?

Neil Macdonald: A mighty nation, frightened by an angry mob –

So called analysis at the CBC online site…with, of course, the usual diatribes against all Muslims, everywhere, in the Comments Section…is it any wonder even the minority of fanatics who perpetrate these acts assume that we are all willing participants in anti-Muslim activity?

When commenters on this site post ignorant insults to all Muslims because of the actions of a few extremists, they are playing right into the hands of those who would love to destroy what little is left of democracy.
Are all so-called ‘Christians’ responsible for the actions of Timothy McVey? I never hear these commenters arguing that philosophy.
Unless and until the prejudice in the West against anything that they cannot or will not understand is eliminated, the show must go on…the reactionaries (on both sides) must react, and innocent people have to die.
At least this time the leaders in the Arab world were quick to condemn the actions of the very few, thus finally grasping that Westerners need to see moderates as standing up to fanatics of their own faith, from their own countries..that may be a small sign of progress…
Until Western bigots chill on the stereotypes and condemnation, nothing will change..
Obama once again is being asked to solve a problem that has been with us since humanoids crawled out of the ocean and into the trees…really, MacDonald? What is Obama supposed to do, cite freedom of speech and act as if his ambassador in Libya was the cost of doing business?…You should be ashamed…


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